The Great Depression(1930s) Ross knapke

During this time finding a job was very hard. Workers and families struggled to survive in this uncertain economy.
These food stamps were used to increase the consumption of agriculture products and limit overproduction. This was created by the government in 1938.
This shows a business man forced to sell his car because he is unable to afford the needs to survive. The stock market is a big reason why he lost his money.
In line for a food a crowd of men push each other just because they are unable to afford food to survive. Soup kitchens were created to help the hungry.
This is a graph showing the rates of unemployment and the start of the New Deal. As you can see after the stock market crash the rates begin to rise when FDR starts his first New Deal. But when WW2 is entered by the US employment starts to decrease.
This primary resource shows the confidence in FDR stating the New Deal. FDR's new idea was an attempt to help on the great depression by bringing government in to hands. This means the government is now helping and attempting to change.
After the ending of WW2 things could only become better for the US. The great depression is endied by joining this war and the economy is transformed to better the United States.
Here is a picture of a man celebrating "The good ol' times are back again!". After WW2 people celebrated on the streets because they new things could only get better from here. Which is correct because FDR swears to relief in the US and succeeds.
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