'It's Good to Share' Travel Photo Competition - The Winners! Our Top Ten Finalists and the Judges Comments

Congratulations to our competition finalists and winners!

We loved seeing all of the brilliant photo entries in this competition, which vividly illustrate the wide range of priceless travel experiences to be enjoyed, both in the UK, and further afield. It’s clear that people love ‘capturing the moment’ in a beautiful setting, and so many of the photos entice you to want to visit for yourself. Huge thanks to everyone who took the time to enter, and we hope that your travel adventures continue long into the future!

After whittling the photos down to our Top Ten, we sent them to our two judges to take a look at, and we also displayed the photos in our office complex, and invited people to choose their favourites. Once we’d added up all of the votes, it was clear there were two front-runners, but the eventual over-all favourite, was definitely a real crowd-pleaser!

We’re very grateful to our 2 judges, Tall Girl Travelling and Kathy Kiley for judging and commenting on all of the photos. Tall Girl Travelling is currently continuing her travels in Tenerife, and asked her fellow travellers (Adrian from Argentina and Pawel and Anna from Poland) for their input too, so many thanks for their international opinions! Their comments accompany our Top Ten photos (shortened to TGT & KK)

Tall Girl Travelling is a new travel blogger, enjoying life on the open road and taking lots of great photos as she goes. You can catch up with her inspiring and engaging exploits on Facebook and Instagram. She’s also a keen volunteer for, and supporter of the dog-rescue charity ‘Live Arico PAWS - Arona Tenerife’.

Tall Girl Travelling

Kathy Kiley is a keen local amateur photographer and a member of Battle Photographic Society, who hold regular photographic competitions and exhibitions.

Peacock at Herstmonceux Castle, photographed by Kathy Kiley

Number 1 (Our First Prize Winner!) The Highland Cow Taken by John Winstanley

"Highland Cow and Cuillin, Isle of Skye"

TGT: “It was a clear winner. It’s an absolute masterpiece - it looks 3D, the whole photo looks alive.”

KK: Lovely photo of this superb breed of Highland Cow, leading the eye through to the Highlands Cuillin (Isle of Skye) in the background.

Number 2 (Our Runner-Up Prize Winner) Lake Louise, Banff, Canada Taken by Gill Marlton

"Lake Louise is in Banff National Park in the Canadian Rockies, known for its turquoise, glacier-fed lake surrounded by high peaks and overlooked by a stately chateau. Hiking trails wind up to the Lake Agnes Tea House for bird's-eye views. There's a canoe dock in summer, and a skating rink on the frozen lake in winter. Those are your reasons to visit. It’s beautiful."

TGT: “Great capture of peace and tranquility. The reflections are so clear and still. Amazing landscape snap.

KK: “This stunning mountain scene along with the red canoes and reflections in the lake, make this an awe-inspiring place to want to travel to.

Number 3 (Also our joint Runner-Up Prize Winner) Iceland’s Sun Voyager Sculpture Taken by Michelle Lewis

"Taken last week while enjoying my birthday trip to Iceland.Some amazing sights."

TGT: “An outstanding capture, with the sun breaking through the clouds. You can imagine the time of the Vikings.”

KK: “Super shot of Iceland’s “Sun Voyager” sculpture, pulling/leading you into wanting to explore Iceland’s hidden adventures beyond.”

Number 4 (Our Third Place Prize Winner) An Autumn Walk Taken by Goran Erfani

"This is an image of autumnal scene that I took it in Chatsworth Garden, Derbyshire. I tried to frame the repeating lines of the beech culminating in two strong focal points of the people and the fountain."

TGT: “Great capture of the seasons changing. You can imagine the crisp leaves under your feet as you walk. The fresh smells of Autumn.”

KK: “This leads you to want to visit ‘The Chatsworth House Garden’ in Derbyshre to view and enjoy.”

Number 5 Lone American Cowboy Taken by Neil Hedge

"A lone cowboy looks out in wonder over the expanse of Monument Valley Utah."

TGT: “It’s definitely a photograph that gets you thinking…”

KK: “This lone cowboy on his horse, together with his colours against the Monument Valley, Utah, clearly showing up the detailed textures and shapes of the rock formations. Really pulls you into wanting to explore beyond.”

Number 6 Boy on Beach in Northumberland Taken by Claire Twidle

"This photo was taken at a place called Beadnell in Northumberland in August 2018. It was a stunning area, serene and on this particular day, so atmospheric due to some storm clouds that were rolling in. I photographed my son as he came out of the water, still wearing his snorkel and goggles with the clouds as an amazing backdrop."

TGT: “Great capture of the sky turning grey, almost angry skies...The shadows are amazing, the boy is almost a silhouette.”

KK: “A lovely skyscape depicting the low rolling clouds casting dark, atmospheric shadows, together with the lone boy, clearly demonstrates serenity.”

Number 7 Needle’s Eye Tunnel, Wyoming Taken by Jed Winstanley

"A tight squeeze through Needles Eye Tunnel in Custer State Park, Wyoming, USA."

TGT: “For us it shows a spontaneous reaction of driving in the middle of the road. It’s a creative piece of photography, no blurring makes it a great capture.”

KK: A good realistic action shot of just what is meant by a tight squeeze. If you want an adventurous holiday, this shot gives one the feeling that this could be the place to go.”

Number 8 Swing, Banan Beach, Dubai Taken by Jemma Synnott

"Dubai is known for it's desert dune bashing, it's high profile fancy clubs, the Palm and edible gold everything... but what I didn't know until exploring, is that there are many hidden areas with wonderful wildlife. This secret spot is Banan Beach, where you can camp overnight in tents & cook your own grub. We had the entire place to ourselves as it's entirely out the way, but it was pure bliss"

KK: “Lovely holiday shot of the girls, reflecting relaxation under the blue skies, sunshine warmth, sandy beach and the calm waters.”

Number 9 The Golden Mount Temple, Bangkok Taken by Suzanne Johnston

"The view of the Golden Mount Temple at night, taken from a canal in Bangkok."

TGT: “Outstanding creativity, excellent capture taken at night.”

KK: “Night photography. Super distance shot of the ‘Golden Mount Temple’ at night in Bangkok.”

Number 10 Drone Picture, Spain Taken by Steven Fleck

"This shot was taken from my drone over San Juan De Gaztelugatxe near Bilbao, Spain. It may look like summer, but I was very lucky to get this sunshine in the middle of November! The small church at the top dates back to the 12th century. Although it has a lot of history, it's more recent fame has come from the Game of Thrones series as the location is used as a backdrop to Dragonstone in the show."

TGT: For a drone photograph, the photo quality is superb. The capture is outstanding, a fantastic birds-eye view.”

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We had great fun creating the luggage tags on a 3D printer!

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