Term 3 Week 1

20 July 2017/26 Tammuz 5777

Shabbat Commences 5.15pm/Shabbbat Terminates 6.13pm

From the Principal

Carmel’s Ambassadors

Our Year 10s returned from Shorashim a week into the holidays. It was remarkable to hear that our jetlagged, exhausted students still had the energy and desire to retell of their amazing journey to their parents and families. Shorashim is the natural cure for the teenage grunt.

But as the students told their story of the 3 weeks in Israel, the teachers who accompanied the students told their own. And the teacher story was one of pure nachas!

Of seeing the students grow; of 3 weeks with very little need to discipline or chastise; students operating outside of their comfort zone and nailing it; of team work and mutual support; of new friendships formed and cemented; of conversations of the heart and mind. Our Year 10s were, and are, excellent ambassadors for Carmel School. Our school values of respect, tolerance, diligence, gratitude and a positive Jewish identity are entrenched in our children because they learn and see them in action both at school and at home. The Carmel difference is that we make menschen – young men and women of integrity and strength. We could not be prouder.

Thank you Year 10s for making Shorashim the best it can be. While Mr. Lawrence and Mrs Niss puts in all the hard work behind the scenes, and you had the most incredible group of teachers accompanying you, what makes the trip is your attitude and behaviour. And according to all those involved, it was the best Shorashim to date!

We missed you and welcome you back to Carmel for an exciting Term 3!

This term we welcome the following new students to our Carmel School family.

Zachariah Kassman -Prep

Joshua Kassman , Noam Shufrin and Ori Bendek - Year 1

Sophie Kassman - Year 3

Daniel Starkowitz - Year 6

Natan Shufrin, Hila Bendek - Year 7

Nelly Shufrin - Year 9

Shabbat shalom


High School News

Asher and Fraida Innovation Laboratory opens

In an exciting start to term, this week saw the opening of the much anticipated Asher and Fraida Innovation Laboratory. This new facility, built in response to the increased demand for Science subjects, and the need for a more modern and adaptable work space for our students, will accommodate classes as broad as robotics and engineering technology, design and digital technology, as well as physics classes and STEM workshops. The lab has been fitted out with team workstations that will be able to be arranged in configurations that best suit the teaching needs of individual classes. It will be a ‘maker-space’; an environment that encourages creativity and collaboration.

The Asher and Fraida Shapiro Innovation Laboratory has been made possible through the generous donation of Mr Asher Shapiro. Asher and Fraida Shapiro are champions of education, and the benefits it brings to individuals and society more broadly. They are particularly interested in the need for education to respond to the changing world, and to adapt to new technologies; hence the interest in developing a new laboratory facility for the school. According to Mr Shapiro, the “opportunity to contribute to something worthwhile and lasting and that isn’t transitory” was a big motivational factor in deciding to give so generously to the School.

The opening included special guests including Mr Simon Millman, MLA, the Shapiro family, members of the Carmel School Board and staff and students. In his address to students, Mr Shapiro encouraged them to be remain curious, as he has, in order to grow their knowledge and understanding of the world. He also encouraged them to become mensches, or young people of good character, and told a wonderful story about the light that can come into humanity when people take the time to understand one another. After his address, Mr Shapiro taught the first class in the lab, to Year 12 students and selected Year 10s. The lesson was on brain function and structure, and provided students with a detailed information on the mechanics of the brain, and how these can impact on decisions and behaviour.

It is anticipated that this new facility at the school will be of benefit to generations of Carmel students.

Maths duo travels East to share expertise

During the recent mid-year holidays, Stephen and Jennifer George travelled to the AAMT Biennial conference in Canberra. The three day conference gathers Maths educators from across Australia, New Zealand and even includes some visitors from further afield.

Jennifer and Stephen submitted their proposed presentation to the AAMT Council in March and heard in May that that were one of a select few from WA to present. The title of their presentation was The Time Machine: Teaching Mathematics in the 21st Century. It focused on how the teaching of Mathematics has barely changed for most since the last century and talked about shifting the teaching of Mathematics to a continuum model rather than discrete years, dependent on age. Jennifer and Steve were able to demonstrate this in action with the fantastic experience that the Maths teachers are currently offering our students from Years 5 to 10. They also went to many other presentations and workshops and have come back to school brimming with many ideas that they are keen to include in order to make Maths at Carmel even better.

Steve and Jennifer George

Carmel Shorashim students back safe and sound

Last week, our 32 students and 4 staff returned back home from their three-week pilgrimage to Israel. The trip was an incredibly powerful experience for students who, in their posts to family, used words like ‘poignant’, ‘emotional’ and ‘life-changing.’ From swimming in the Kinneret, to climbing Mount Masada; from tefilla in the valley of the communities, to hiking the hike of the Gilaboon; from markets to archeological digs and from to gaining an understanding of Israeli start-ups and innovation to riding camels in the desert, this trip was packed with rich, meaningful experiences. The students started with a moving trip to the Kotel, and finished the trip with a visit to the opening of the Maccabiah Games in Jerusalem. The experiences had could not have been more diverse or enriching.

Reflecting on the trip, Director of Jewish Studies Simon Lawrence called it ‘a fabulous blend of education, experience and deep cultural engagement and a pinnacle of the Jewish Studies curriculum. We are so grateful to our supporters, who enable this trip to happen each year, to the staff who attended and to the students, who absolutely made the most of this experience.’

The students will return to school this week, and we look forward to understanding more of their experiences, the lessons learnt, and how this trip has shaped their Jewish identity.

Year 7 Barmitzvah Camp

Following in the tradition of recent Carmel Barmitzvah programs, the Year 7 boys ventured out on a 4 day outdoor adventure camp at Manjedal at the end of last term. This followed a fun filled Shabbaton at the school that was lead by our Year 12 cohort.

The camp itself was based on outdoor adventure activities that challenged their physical capabilities and their mental stamina as well as developing their leadership skills. Activities included rock climbing, orienteering, thegiant swing, high ropes course and the famed 'night blind trail.'

Each day started with exercise drills & Tefillah and concluded with sitting around the campfire telling stories and recapping the days' events. With roasted marshmellows of course!

A huge thanks goes out to our dedicated staff (Ahron Grossman, Arik Singer, Asher Meyerson & Ahron Friedland) who helped prepare and run the camp and a special Kol Hakavod to Gilad Lavi who was the main organiser of the program

News from the English Department

Debating update

Congratulations to our Carmel Debaters for completing the preliminary rounds of the WADL competition in spectacular fashion. Once again, all four teams won all four debates!

Round Four coincided with Shavuot, leading to Carmel partaking in a make- up round at the end of the season. The evening began with our Novice Teams debating the topic: “That gender segregated schools should be banned.” Carmel 1 debated against Peth College 6. Alon Tucker began the debate as first speaker, kindly stepping in for Shira Resnick. Arguing in the negative, Alon spoke calmly and confidently on the topic. Second speaker, Shoshana Benjamin also spoke strongly, raising several convincing arguments. Arielle Meekan as third speaker, ended the debate with equal force as her peers. Speaking with persuasion, her rebuttals ran to the first bell!

Novice teams, Carmel 2 and 3, argued to the affirmative. Carmel 2 (Dana Lazar, Aviya Solomon and Chaya Benjamin) debated Perth College 4, and Carmel 3 (Jacob Parry, Noa Jackson and Rafael Cowan) debated Mount Lawley 6. By all accounts, both teams spoke with conviction, winning their debate by a clear margin.

Last for the evening, our Junior Team, Carmel One, debated in the affirmative against PC 16 on the topic: “That politician who do not actively advocate for LGBTQI rights should be banned from LGBQTI Events.” A special mention and thank you needs to go out to Daniel Tucker and Toni Grolman who stepped up to help their peers. Neither student had debated in the league previously, yet took on their roles like seasoned professionals. Arguing in the affirmative, Daniel began the debate as first speaker; calmly and confidently addressing the room. Toni continued the charge as second speaker logically and methodically introducing arguments for the affirmative. Lastly, with her usual confidence, Hannah Rudman concluded the debate as third speaker, breaking apart the other team’s arguments with her brutal rebuttals. Thank you to Alon Tucker and Shoshana Benjamin who chaired the junior debate.

With the end of the general rounds, Carmel School is saying a farewell to Savannah Victor. Savannah is off to Canada for an exchange program until the end of the year. We would like to say a special thank you to Savannah whose expert coaching helped improve on our students’ debating skills and gave them more insight as to how to break down a topic and structure their argument. She has been a pleasure to work with and we wish her all the best in her studies overseas.

Lastly, thank you to the parents who have braved the cold and come out to support our students at their debates. Carmel’s participation in WADL could not happen without your support.

Well done to our debaters on a great season. Their hard work and commitment has resulted in all teams winning the majority of their debates. The season has not ended for Novice Team, Carmel 3, who have made it to the finals by winning all debates. We look forward to cheering them on as they continue their season

Mrs Cunningham Attends National English Conference

Mrs Emily Cunningham was lucky enough to receive a scholarship to attend a national English conference in Hobart over the school holidays. She was also able to visit many interesting sites while there, including Port Arthur, Mount Wellington and the MONA museum. The following is an extract from an article she has written for the ETAWA about her experience at the conference:

New technologies are not always the answer. This was the key message of Danielle Wood’s opening address to the national AATE/ALEA Conference in Hobart. Though at first listen this may have seemed at odds with the conference theme of ‘Cutting Edge’ – whose very title conjures notions of innovation, and therefore technology – it soon became clear that this humanistic message was an apt way to begin the event. After all, many of the sessions focused on the importance of the classroom teacher and how our effectiveness to deliver engaging and effective curriculum should not, and must not, be replaced by technology.

According to Wood, human connection and passion is the key to effective teaching. Our face-to-face interactions allow us to differentiate for students and can help us ‘light fires’ for them in turn. Effective teaching is imperfect. There is no formula for ‘magic.’ Teachers, not technology, are the best resource for igniting curiosity and helping students achieve to our best potential. We can make change; and that’s when we are at the cutting edge.

I received a scholarship from the Copyright Agency to attend this conference. Below are some of my key ‘takeaway messages’ from the many sessions I attended.

Key Takeaway Messages

• Allow students to be in control of questioning

• Aim for intellectual engagement

• Differentiation isn’t dumbing down, it’s a ladder up

• Give back some of the power

• Mentor texts + modelling = elevated student achievement

• Podcasts are a way to tap into the power of story

• Yes, social media can be a positive learning tool

• Our workplaces should be the main site for professional growth and development

• Allow students to show their thinking in multiple ways

A concluding thought

I found this conference to be rejuvenating and thought-provoking, and I certainly have a lot to digest to discern what I can start implementing into my classroom on a daily basis. Overall, these sessions have made me think of two fitting mantras: ‘variety is the spice of life’ and ‘everything in moderation.’ This conference seemed to focus on the notion that we need to keep innovating and striving to challenges ourselves and our students to try something new; however, new technologies should not replace best practice teaching strategies like explicit instruction and teacher modelling. Perhaps it’s when we can use new approaches or technologies to enhance traditional, best practice pedagogy that we are really at the cutting edge.

Thank you to the Copyright Agency for funding this scholarship, and to the ETAWA and AATE for selecting me as a recipient.

Emily Cunningham

Primary School News

Speakers Challenge – No Challenge for Carmel Stars

Emma Levy and Maytal Vider shone out as star speakers when they represented Carmel School at the finals of the Speakers Challenge held at Scotch College. Emma Levy entertained the audience with the clever manner in which she articulated the links between reality tv and a good education. Maytal Vider appeared as a specialist on the English language as she educated the audience on the origins of idiomatic phrases we use in our everyday language in a most entertaining manner. These two Year 6 students were impressive, engaging and polished as they represented Carmel School as the most capable ambassadors in a specialised skill of public speaking.

Emma Levy and Maytal Vider

Year 2 Visit AQWA

As a part of the Year 2 Earth and Space science program the Year 2s ventured out to AQWA to explore the underwater world. We had the best time.

Voice of a child - Gia Ismay

Gia Ismay epitomised how the voice of the child is honoured at the highest level at Carmel School. She had requested an appointment with Mrs Fisher where she requested permission to promote an idea integrating art and fundraising. Through this avenue she gained access to a meeting with the P&F co presidents and school marketing guru Suze Wills Johnston. They have accepted her pitch and will soon reveal the big idea driven by a student in Year 6. Mrs Fisher commends Gia on her attention to detail, business acumen, respectful chutzpah, charm and artistic abilty. All will be revealed in a fortnight’s Kesher edition!

International Mud Day

International Mud Day aims to connect children around the globe through the earth. Last term the Kindy, Year 1 and Year 3's came together on Thursday 29th June to join in the muddy fun. Children all across the globe get covered in mud on the same day, showing that regardless of age, race and religion, covered in mud we all look the same!

Year Three Travel Expo

At the end of last term, the Year Three classes hosted a very professional and well-researched 'travel expo.' Working in teams, students have spent the last week and a half learning about different countries in the Oceania and Asia-Pacific regions, and preparing posters and presentations on these countries. Visitors to the travel expo included Year Four students, teachers, parents and grandparents. Mrs Lazar also popped in for advice on where to spend the holidays. The level of knowledge on the climate, landscape, traditions and culture of the countries was amazing! Well done Year Threes!

Early enrolment discount for Kindy

Did you know? We are offering an early enrolment discount for Kindy 2018! Send in your application to enroll before the 31st August to receive a discount off school fees! This discount is valid for all students entering Kindy 2018 and new students starting at Carmel in Prep too. Contact Lisa or Suze for more information!

Reminder - Term Three is school photo time!

We will be holding our school photos on July 26 (for sporting teams, band members and art trip students), August 2 (Primary School) and August 3 (High School). More information will follow in due course, but please mark these dates in your diaries.

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