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A journal is also a tool for self-discovery, an aid to concentration, a mirror for the soul, a place to generate and capture ideas, a safety valve for the emotions, a training ground for the writer, and a good friend and confidant.” Ron Klug

Recipe Design

Image: Pexels | Font: Essonnes | Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign

Task: Create a simple 1 page recipe document using Adobe InDesign. Include images and text. You can either use the template provided or create one from scratch.

Reflection: Playing with layouts and type is one of my favorite things to do as a designer. I LOVE organizing things! =) I started this assignment using the template given to use but found it more challenging to use than creating a spread from scratch and I have experience with InDesign! So I was pretty impressed with those in the class who not only used it, but made it their own.

Music Poster / CD

Font: Alternate Gothic No1 D | Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator | Photo: Winnie Angel

Task: Now it is time to flex your creative muscles and apply your skills to a creative task. Create a music poster with Adobe InDesign. Invent the band or musician they will want to see. Consider the use of images and text as well as the colors selected and fonts chosen to reinforce the key messages you wish to convey to your audience. Please feel free to adapt this task if you feel you can improve on the challenge.

Reflection: Instead of a fictional musician, I made a fictional event. The artist is a close friend of mine. Since the photo I had of him was pretty low rez, I decided to create a CD cover. This gave me the option to play with adobe illustrator and photoshop. Which also means it also took longer to finish than I originally planned haha. but I'm pretty excited about the end result.

Although I loved my CD cover, I still wanted to make a poster so I use another photo (It still isn't great but you get the idea) I came up with a fun title for the fictional show and after playing with the different fonts IT HIT ME! 'David The Man' Because his name is #DavidManuel and he is wearing a lumberjack jacket in the picture. haha Anyway, that inspired the rest of the design. I chose a big, bold, "manly" font. Simple black and white color scheme and a rugged background just so it is easier to read the text.


Task: Add a short reflection on what you have learnt during the course and consider how you might use these new skills to develop your own practice.

Reflection: When I started the course, I thought there would be more information on interactive and mobile design practices. Since it wasn't, I used the assignments to challenge myself to use a combination of tools to produce my final product. I made my graphics in Illustrator, created the final layout in Indesign and presented my images with photoshop mockups (I have a secret love for mockups!).

I imagined teaching InDesign is a challenging task so I'd like to applaud the instructors for their work! And all my peers for their feedback to help me improve my skills!

Thank you! Come again!

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