Creative Photography Riley Schemel

First photography

This is one of the best first photography that I took. It used rule of thirds and does not have anything distracting from the focal point that is the flower. Also this is one of the first photos that I edited in snapseed.

Photo Editing

Before and after snapseed
This is one of my best photos edited in snapseed. I was able to make the pumpkin bright and the background darker so the pumpkin became the focal point.

Inspired Photography

My photographer was Will Burrad-Lucas. He took photos of wildlife so I took a picture of a snail that was by my house.

Black and White Photography

This is my favorite black and white photo. The black and white created a dark mood and I like how the pumpkin seems to be dissapearing into the darkness.

Still Life Photography

This is my favorite still life photography because I like how the angle is interesting but you are still able to read the signs. I also like it because I like the message that the writing on the signs gives. Also I like the bright colors on the blue background.

People Photography

This is my favorite people Photography because it capturing a moment in time before a big event. It also is captired from an angle where you can see a work in progress and the expression of the person working on the project.

Best Photos From This Class

This class has been a great experience for me. Talking all these creative photos lead me to see so many new things. It also let me see old things from a new angle. I really had a good experience in this class.

Absolute Favorite Photography

I took this photo for the elevating the ordinary assignment. I like this photo because it used near far composition. The rain drops are in focus at the front and the car is out of focus in the background. This photo captures a mood of a rainy day as well.


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