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Welcome to the Lewisville High School Band!

When you join the LHS Band you are going to be a part of something GREAT. We are excited to help provide you with a place to continue playing music with friends. Pursuing excellence through fun music making experiences can be a game changer for you!

Everything you've learned in your middle school band will have prepared you to have an amazing experience in our high school band. We will work with you to schedule around conflicts with other school activities and want you to be successful here at LHS!

Participation in the LHS Band fulfills your Fine Arts AND P.E. credit!

Concert Bands at Lewisville

Bands at Lewisville High School meet everyday either 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th Period. We offer four different levels of bands - a place for everyone to succeed at their level!


Interested in Jazz Band? We have one of the most established Jazz programs in LISD.

The Lewisville HS Band - Area Championship Finalist Band!

Marching Band

Marching band happens from the end of July to the end of October. Everyone is involved during all of our Friday Night Varsity football game performances, including creating our traditional LHS spell-out at the end of halftime! Being a part of Friday Night Lights while we support our Fighting Farmer Football team is a lot of fun!

All students also have the opportunity to earn competitive marching drill spots in the fall show for marching band contests that happen in October. Most recently the LHS Band earned straight 1's at the 2020 UIL Regional Contest and tied for 6th at our Area Marching Contest.

New Parent/Student Virtual Meeting

Originally on January 25th at 7:00PM

This meeting covered typically topics parents are interested in including: time commitment, cost and graduation requirements.

Important Dates

April 27-May 4 - Fall 2021 Placement Auditions (during your middle school band class; ALL students will be placed in one of the four band classes - no one will be "cut")

May 3-5, 5:30-7:00pm - New Member Rehearsals (incoming freshman only)

Saturday, May 15, 9am-12pm - Marching Rehearsal (all members)

Meet the Band Directors

4-Year Student Schedule Plan:


Can students do athletics and band?

Absolutely! We currently have students who are in both band and football, volleyball, wrestling, ROTC, cheer, baseball, basketball and more. We work really well with the coaches and counselors to make class schedules and rehearsal/practice schedules work for each student.

What should students expect for the band audition?

LHS Band Directors will travel to your middle school to listen to you perform during your band class. The performance will include scales and a prepared piece of your choice (a solo, an etude, band music, etc). We want to hear you playing at your very best - this should not be a stressful process!

What if students are hesitant to do marching band?

Nearly all freshman are a bit anxious about the unknowns of high school including how to participate in marching band. We provide a few marching rehearsals designed for the freshman in May so that they can get acclimated and get a feel for what it is all about. Most students come into high school unsure about marching band, but after their first year it becomes one of the most favorite aspects of the band program!

Can students participate in 4 years of band and still graduate?

Yes! We have 70 seniors this year that are completing 4 years of band while graduating with endorsements and honors. Most of our band students are on the upper academic tracks and are often the top of their class. Historically, 50% of the Senior class Top Ten are band students! Check out this link for sample schedules to make band work in your schedule: Sample Student Schedules

When should I expect to receive more information about end-of-summer and fall dates?

LHS Band Directors will send out a full list of summer and fall dates by May. Your middle school directors will also keep you updated on pertinent information!

Straight From The Students

"Marching Season is where you will make some of the best memories with not only your section but with other people around you too!" - Yuliana, 9th Grade Flute

"You should join the LHS Band because it's an opportunity to meet new people and have a great time." - Celeste, 9th Grade Flute

"The LHS Band has taught me that responsibility is key to success, and it feels like a community within the school. It has taught me many life and social skills that I will carry with me into college." -Chris, Senior French Horn

"I had the best time ever and got to meet so many nice people." - Brian, 9th Grade French Horn

"I have so much fun with my friends and when we play at a football game it's the best thing ever." - Jesus, 9th Grade Tuba

"I'm glad that I joined the LHS Band because I got to meet amazing people and some of the best band directors." - Esbeydi, 10th Grade Flute

"Band is very fun in high school. From competition days to game days, there's lots of fun to be had." - Diego, 9th Grade Trumpet

"My favorite thing about band is being a part of something much bigger than just myself and being able to play some great music." -Jaime, Senior Tuba

Concert Band Performances!

Wind Symphony, 2019

Pep Rallies with Friends!

Picture: Fall 2019

Musical Achievement!

Teamwork & Fellowship!

The Band That Marches With Pride
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