Value, Emphasis, Unity Quiet is violent

My piece is called 'Quiet Is Violent' . I used pencils to sketch, markers on the radio, tissue paper and watercolor pencils/paints for the background, and a white gel pen . Most of the color on the background is from me putting tissue paper down and putting water over it so that the dye transfers to the white paper underneath . It took quite a while just because I was scared to do so much that it would look crowded in the end .

I based it on the song Car Radio by Twenty One Pilots . That songs means a lot to me and many other people so I wanted to express the amount of feeling put in that song . Of course, it's easier to express emotion in words rather than paint and marker . But I tried to use darker blues and black to get the point across .

I started out on this piece with too high of expectations . I had an image of what I thought it should look like in my head and when the finished product didn't look exactly "right", I got mad at it . However, taking a short break from it I was able to look at it from a new point of view and fix the minor issues that I had previously seen as detrimental . I had hoped that the main color of the radio would be more solid but with the kind of marker I used it's difficult to do so . As I look at the final product, I enjoy it quite a bit . As I've worked on it, I've also come up with other ideas for things I want to do and I can imagine that I'll probably redraw this as I progress as an artist .

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