CLub day 2021 From Altoponix Club to Speed Chess Club to Science Olympiad, Palo Alto High School's Club Days were a success. See what goals new and old clubs are setting for this year.

Have a Nice Day Club

The Have a Nice Day Club aims to spread positivity from and to Paly students through participating in small acts of kindness. Co-president and junior Tiffany He said she hopes that being in person this year for the new club will help engage students more. "Our goals would just be to build a community within this club and making a positive impact in the Paly community," He said.

(Photo: Anushe Irani)

Paly Chamber Musicians Club

The Paly Chamber Musicians Club plays and watches different forms of classical music, known as chamber music. President and senior Valerie Chu said that chamber music can be a really appealing genre of music for students. "Our goals are to get people interested in playing and watching chamber music," Chu said.

(Photo: Anushe Irani)

Future in Medicine Club

The Future in Medicine Club strives to promote ideas about medicine to students who are interested in the career or college path. From introducing students to healthcare workers to presenting videos and documentaries about human anatomy, president and junior Aryan Jain said he hopes the club can provide clarity for students who are seeking out medicine as a future job opportunity. "Being in person, I expect the club to be a lot better and easier to engage people, like using people as bodily references for directional terms, and stuff like that," Jain said.

(Photo: Anushe Irani)

Bring Change to Mind Club

The Bring Change to Mind Club focuses on ending the stigma to mental health in the Paly community by educating students on topics such as self-confidence and self-importance. President and senior Eva Salvatierra said she envisions spreading awareness as one of the main goals of the club. "It's important to create a community where people feel respected and where they can speak about their mental health comfortably," Salvatierra said.

(Photo: Anushe Irani)

Paly Speech and Debate Club

Varsity member of the Public Forum team Kabir Bhatia promotes an award for the Paly Speech and Debate Club, who looks to give students the opportunity to explore different variations of speech and debate, including Lincoln-Douglas and public forum. Member of Speech and Debate Club and senior Matthew Cao said they hope the adjustment from the club's virtual format last year due to COVID-19 to this year's in-person will be successful for club members. "Something special about Paly Speech and Debate is that we really emphasize community here," Cao said. "Being in person now, I think it'll be easier to do, because now we can highlight that speech and debate is not about winning or losing but about supporting each other."

(Photo: Anushe Irani)