The European Frog-bit: a FASINATING species By SOFIA RADENKO


The European Frog-bit (Hyrocharis Morsus-Ranae) is in the kingdom Plantae, goes down to it's phylum, Angiasperm, which means it can grow with other plant roots, down to it's Class, Monocots, down to it's order Alismatales, down to its Family, Hydrocharitaceace, then down to its Genus, Hydrocharis, and finally, to it's Species, Morsus-Ranae.

Behaviouraland structural charictoristics


A physical characteristic is a characteristic of the body. As you see, the european frog-bit has three petals, a yellow middle, and some lily pads to go around it. You can not see it here, but it has a green stem too.


The European Frog-bit grows super fast and their really hard to control.

The European Frog-bit is native to Finland, and lives in the water.

Currently, the places it invades is Lake Ontario, Missuori, and a few other states in the area.

How do they migrate?

Well, I don't think there are many ways the European Frog-bit can migrate from on continent to another overseas. One ( I know it can )way is by boat. The roots (or parts that can grow the rest of the plant) can be carried by boat and when the boat dumps the water from inside of it, the roots (or other part) fall out of the boat into the new water, and just grow. That's the main reason.

Invasive impacts


The European Frog-bit has many negative impacts, one of them is what I call, Boat-crowding. Boat-crowding is when the plant (or animal) literally crowds a boat. It wraps itself around so the boat can't move. Or, it goes in front of the boat, and then blocks the boat from moving. some other negative impacts are.... they can prevent plants under them from growing by blocking the sunlight, with that, they can prevent ducks from diving (because of the thick mats) and fish from moving.

This button will take you to the website I used for some information, and if you want to know more about the European Frog-bit then you can click the button.

Efforts to control the European Frog-bit

Unfortunately, there is no control measures, at this very moment. But, you can help. You can Physically remove them, inspect your boat, and do many other things. Just go back up to the button, press it and scroll down. you will get to the website.

Thank you so much for reading my page about the European Frog-bit. I hope you found it as Fascinating as I did.


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