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Hello and welcome to my Class 1 assignment. What UX means to me?

EXTRA INFO: This web site I want to promote my ipad application education game for preschool to 1st grade level kids. Get them learning and having fun with games and stories. Learn about letter sounds with phonic sound prompting (all in a child's voice), first 100 words spelling, reading, creative writing, story structure. The iPad app is in design phase.

Who is this website for? Parent or the child?

PARENT PERSONA 1. Working single mother: Sarah. Very busy and is worried about her children's learning development. She has two children age 6 Noah and Emily age 3 one is shy and struggling with reading. The other one is very outgoing and creative. Sarah makes sure her children have clean clothes, a healthy meal and is worried that her children are having an educational yet nurturing play environment. Sarah believes in sharing her talents, skills and traditions in everyday life are the best way for a mother to pass along a legacy of herself to her children. Her hobbies ( art/crafts ), educational skills ( journaling /reading ) and nurturing skills ( read out loud as a bedtime ritual ) as a parent these are the most important things for Sarah to teach and share with her children. Her role as a caregiver is confidant and disciplinarian. Sarah’s time is incredibly precious to her and so she has little patience with anything that unnecessarily wastes her time. She is tired when she gets home from work, picking up kids from daycare and afterschool care. She worries about the learning development of her two young children.

PARENT PERSONA 2. Father George: Has one child age 5, Raymond. Very involved in his child's development. He is very aware that the future is in technology and wants his child to be very technically educated. He has been unsuccessful in finding an age appropriate electronic learning system for his child.

PARENT PERSONA 3. Grandparents: They have three granddaughters 8, 5 and 4. Leeann, Catherine and Elizabeth. They have their granddaughters full time after school and for two months every summer. They are are technology challenged. The 8 year old knows more about computers than they do. They want the children to learn like they did the old fashion way with flash cards, reading paper books and writing out spelling words. They all got ipads for christmas presents and want to incorporate technology in their learning but don't know where to start.




Class Assignment 2

CARD SORT: I had to explain my reasoning for the (For Parents) and (For Kids) sections

Class Assignment 3

Video of Assignment 3.

I learned that the parent might not have time to watch videos of the app. The parent would be interested in seeing the features first. So moving the features grid that has pop-ups above the the homepage.

Class assignment 4

Mood board, researched the style for cartoon of Pea-pie and Dumpster. I want to keep it real simple. Using textures of fabric to create a design that a level of detail of feeling you think you can touch it ( well it is a ipad app ).

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