FACTS ABOUT OSAKA: Osaka is located in the principal archipelago of Japan, in the Osaka Bay . This city has more than 19 million inhabitans and it is the the third biggest city in Japan. The currency used is the yen.


Kenzo Tange

Architect Kenzo Tange's best-known early work is the Hiroshima Peace Center. His latest work includes the dramatic National Gymnasium for the 1964 Olympic Games.

Yasunari Kawabata

Yasunari Kawabata was a Japanese writer whose melancholic lyricism echoes an ancient Japanese literary tradition in the modern language .He won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1968.


Picnic Among the Cherry Blossoms

Take a walk at the Osaka Castle and Gardens

Take Photos Around Scenic Minoo Park

WHEN TO GO: Osaka is beautiful all year round, but, the best time to go is during spring, when the cherry trees are in bloom.

OSAKA TRANSPORTATION: To get to Osaka, the best option is to go by plane. Once you are there, and you want to know how to get somewhere, one of the best options is subway. There is an urban network of subways and trains that makes it easy to travel within Osaka. If you are looking for a cheap means of transport, the bicycle is also a good idea, but you have to park your bike in a good place, otherwise you'll be fined.




Osaka Castle: It is located in the Osaka Castle Park, and used to belong to Hideyoshi Toyotomi, a lord known for unifying Japan. Visitors will be able to enjoy a tour of the artefacts inside and a free audiguide. To enter the castle itself there is a 600¥(5.4euros) entrance ticket.

Osaka castle

Minoh park: Arriving at  Minoh Park is really easy by train. Lots of thing can be done in this park, from visiting the Katsuoji Temple, a Buddhist place of worship , to soaking in the Minoh Spa Garden!

Umeda Sky Building: This skycraper is one of the most important landmarks in Osaka, due to its unic design. There's an observatory in the 39th floor known as "The Floating Garden Observatory". Up there, you’ll get to see the beautiful, Osaka skyline for 800 ¥.

Umeda Sky building Umeda Sky Building sunset view

Dōtonbori : Located near Namba Station, it doesn't only offer a neon spectacular performance it also offers a great way for tourists to get a taste of authentic Japanese cuisine, shop until they get tired, and let their child play with arcade machines!

Universal Studios Osaka : This theme park is just minutes away from the Universal City Station, which is only 16 minutes from Shin-Osaka Station by train. Universal Studios Osaka is best for families, couples, and Harry Potter fans! In this park there is a World of Harry Potter, which includes lots of attractions, a castle on scale. You can also eat at The Three Broomsticks, where you'll be able to taste butterbeer!

Sumiyoshi Taisha :Sumiyoshi Taisha also known as Sumiyoshi Grand Shrine, is one of Japan's oldest Shinto shrines.

Shitennoji Temple:The oldest officially administered temple in Japan, Shitennoji was built by Prince Shotoku they constructed this temple in 593.


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