Railroads Modern tech that changed the world

Railroads helped develop the infrastructure of the modern day world and steel made it all possible.

The history of the railroad: In the 1500s, the first "railroad" was invented. It was a short wooden track with a cart pulled by horses. A few hundred years later, the invention of the locomotive set trains off for a bright future. In the 1820s, the first public railroad was built in the U.K. and was used to carry freight and passengers. As the technology evolved, railroads got better and better.

Steel's impact on North America is huge. Steel formed the railroads which fueled the United States and the rest of North America. The railroads helped a quicker expansion westward and made many products that were hard to get readily available. For example, if there were Oregon peaches that someone wanted in New York City, it wasn't possible to get that. But, after the invention of the railroad, you could ship anything to anywhere around the country. This also helped grow the population because nutritious foods could be brought everywhere which allowed the population to expand. With more people and more stuff from around the country, the United State's technology level increased as well. The invention of the car was made possible by being able to ship parts all around the US. Many other things were made possible by this as well.

Overall, steel and the railroads' impact on today is huge. Now, hundreds of people can get on a train and cross entire countries at 200 miles an hour. Now, thousands of tons of goods can be shipped across the world very quickly. Now, hundreds of millions of people use trains every year. How? Because steel powered it all.




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