Another Walk in the Park Part of the wednesdays in the park series

This is a hike-alogue. I really enjoy the whole process involved in getting out for a day hike. There’s consulting maps while trying to decide how much elevation gain/loss I want to deal with and how much time and distance to put in off the trail. For this hike the plan was for minimal off trail and specifically for the purpose of getting to a waterfall while using a trail that was new to me.

Trail hiking is pretty straightforward usually:

Heading into the rising sun
Looking back after cresting the ridge

Having gained over a thousand feet, this is the view and the terrain I would be descending into:

When leaving the trail the going is not so easy nor straightforward—there is no walking straight through this for instance:

So just keep consulting the compass and heading towards points identified in the distance (sometimes not so very distant) so that the squiggly track ends up heading in the desired direction. It was worth if in this case as I ended up here.

Another great day in the Shenandoah National Park.

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