Angelica's podcast "Everybody wants happiness, nobody wants pain, you can't have a rainbow without a little rain."

Hi! My name is Angie. The traits about me is kind, loving person, happy child if I can think about the positive side, and I have good manners. But I thankful for want I have. You too should be happy as well!

Social studies projects

These are some projects of my Social studies projects I made! You can look though and see some of my projects I made about.

Steve Jobs: New titan of Industry

My podcast is about Steve Jobs. He was a famous person that created the first Apple computer and he run the Apple company too. He also made millions of dollars of selling Apple products. Apple was so famous that the company of Widows are the top companies in the world that are hits are they are competitors trying to be the best.

Steve Jobs

World war 1

The whole podcast is about the alliance of the country of world. Not just that, but the causes of world war 1 along with the effect too. Along with some explanation of World War 1.


Meliane and I made a podcast together, about cause and effect of MAIN.


My new summary is about the Holocaust. How Jews and Gypies were taken to camps. And what happened during the Holocaust. Some Jew and Gypies were put to death. Germans had reasons they against Jew and Gypies too. And even children too. The podcast talks about the reason Hitler sent Jews and Gypies to many places for death.


Created with images by Michele Dorsey Walfred - "Raindrops on Roses" • segagman - "Steve Jobs 1955-2011"

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