BlackPink comeback and introduction By rylee Inman

Blackpink is a K-pop girl group from South Korea and they debuted in August 2016. Their first album Square One had the popular songs “Whistle” and “Boombayah.” Blackpink became the first K-pop group to reach one billion views on their “MV Ddu-Du Ddu-Du” music video. It was also the fastest music video to get to one billion views.

Blackpink has four members: Lisa, Jennie, Rose, and Jisoo

Jennie was born in South Korea, but was raised in New Zealand. Her birth name is Kim Jennie. Her roles in the group are main rapper and lead vocal. Jennie has also come out with her own solo music in the past.

Lisa is from Thailand. Her birth name is Lalisa Manoban/Pranpriya Manoban. Lisa, called a maknae for being the group’s youngest member, has roles that include being the main dancer, lead rapper, and sub vocalist.

Rose was raised in Australia. Her birth name is Park Chae Young and her English name is Roseanne Park. She is the main vocalist and lead dancer of the group

Jisoo is the oldest member (the other members see her as an older sister). She was born and raised in South Korea. Her birth name is Kim Ji Soo. She is one of the three vocalists. There are times she is a lead vocal and she is also the visual of the group.

YG Entertainment is one of the biggest record labels in South Korea. They have produced famous K-pop groups such as 2ne1 and BigBang. YG travels around the world for global auditions and each girl auditioned for them and got picked.

The training is intense.The company starts out with a large group of girls. Each week they are tested and the girls that don’t make it get sent home. They do this until they get the group that they want. They have to be able to sing, rap, and dance. They train for 12-14 hours a day for 4-6 years before they debut. They have to live together and they don’t get to see their families. A lot of them get home sick. By the end of the training each girl knows what role they are supposed to be in the group. They groom the girls to look a certain way to fit the Korean beauty standards.

BlackPink has reached audiences internationally and is breaking records for the K-pop industry in their genre. They reach a large audience, because they make music in English as well as Korean. They have done a few collaborations with western artists such as Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez, Dua Lipa, and Cardi B. They were the first girl K-pop group to perform at Coachella Music Festival in 2019. The group has 10 music videos that can be seen on MTV and YouTube.

Their latest comeback: Yes they came out with a new album, but it is so much more than that. K-pop is all about the experience and visuals. Comebacks are a big deal. There's an entire aesthetic change. They get a new style (clothes, hair, and makeup), so that also means new photoshoots and new performances with stages to match the comebacks aesthetic. New performances means new dances with fun choreography (people love to learn the dances).

The Album is obviously one of the main parts to pay attention to, but I would argue the music videos are more important to look at. They always have one main music video to kick off the comeback with the title track off the new album followed by a few more music videos after the album is released.

I really love the new album. Everything about it. I like all of the photo cards and posters that come with it. It’s always a surprise when you open the album, because you don’t know what photo cards you are going to get. The music is really fun to dance to and the songs are really catchy. I hope everyone enjoys the new album as much as I do. If you have never heard of them, you need to check them out. Blackpink’s the album is well worth the listen.