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Problematic Black Hottie is a DJ, taste maker, personality and an advocate of centering femininity and blackness. Based in Detroit, Michigan (USA) and raised all over the African Diaspora, she combines eclectic global and local influences with a focus on feminine music too curate her sonic experience and style. Described in a Billboard Magazine writeup, “she prefers sounds with a vibe and a personality.”

A cultured and educated entertainer, she sets herself apart by using her experience of the diaspora and background in the study of culture and society to approach DJing anthropologically. For PBH, her outstanding selecting skills, dubbed “iconic” aesthetic, and ability too curate a feminine centered vibe are her defining factor. With consistent craftsmanship of DJing and a trademark sound, look, and style, Problematic Black Hottie has become a Detroit staple and household name in less than two years


  • Free Nationals concert, direct opening support, Detroit MI
  • Atrak Concert, direct opening support, Detroit MI
  • Bounce Dat - A3C Festival Fader Fort After Party , Atlanta GA
  • Jerk x Jollof, Detroit MI
  • Karriem Riggings Day Party Formally Known As ft. Common, Detroit MI
  • PBR Sound Society Concert Series: Oshun in concert, Detroit MI
  • Mopop Festival, Detroit MI
  • Stock X Day After Party, Detroit MI
  • The Conjure, Durham NC
  • Energy, Chicago IL

Local Venues Played:

  • Marble Bar
  • Paramita Sound
  • Foundation Hotel
  • El Club
  • Magic Stick
  • Deluxx Fluxx
  • Candy Bar
  • Leland City Club
  • Garden Theatre


  • 94 to East Africa, Paramita Sound - Detroit
  • The Nighttime Baazar, Fort Street Galley - Detroit
  • Foundation After Dark, Detroit Foundation Hotel
  • We Are Culture Creators resident DJ
  • Detroit Art Babes resident DJ


Radio Guest Mixes:

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Nyambura NJee