history of drums which are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Early animal skin drum

The earliest recognized drum dates back over 8,000 years. Early man probably beat out rhythms on rocks or fallen trees. Ancient drums were made from animal skin stretched across some sort of hollow shell or hollowed out logs that were beat with sticks.

Talking drum

In 1865, the American Civil War ended which was great because most slaves became free people. Many of them joined in bands or musical groups. The most popular music then was marching bands. In 1865 double drumming was invented. In 1890 ragtime music was made popular. At same time people were coming to America from all over the world and they were bringing new types of instruments. Back then drum sets were called trap drums.

a peacefull day during the civil war.

In 1909 the base pedal was made by a carpenter. 1912 they started using fly swaters made from steel bristles as drum sticks and started manufacturing them. 1923 movies did not have sound so people would be behind the movie making the sound affects witch is super cool.In this video it will show that.

After the 1930s, a few dance band drummers got together and experimented with different drums. They decided that the modern drum set should contain at least one bass drum, a snare, a raised tom-tom, a floor tom-tom, and a high-hat, and should be called a "kit".

A modern drum kit


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