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Zug Productions is a creative service company that specializes in music production at an independent level. The LLC specializes in composing/songwriting, sound-for-picture, and mixing. The mission for this business is to land a publishing deal to service future clientele and establish relationships. With their creative approach and determination, the brothers' focus is to leave an impression on the entertainment industry.


Alex and Jacob Zug moved to Murfreesboro to pursue their careers as professionals in the music industry. While enrolled at Middle Tennessee State University, the two brothers formed an alternative rock band titled ZÜG that shares original content of the unmarked truth between humanity and the universe. The creative duo are songwriters at heart but always dreamed of forming an alternative rock band with a following, and so they did, along with gaining some valuable experience in the commercial field.


Music is really the backbone of logic in video communications. Stock music doesn't always match with the logic and/or groove for the nature of the brand. Every video is just better when the music is written to edit. Zug Productions creative approach is to match the logic and orchestration to create that tailor-made feel for the brand itself.

Commercial Works

All following videos are works made for hire composed for TC Motion.

How We Work


  • Giving moderate input.
  • Working off themes and stories
  • Key Features/Phrases the client wants in video

Client (Chicco) wanted the product to be seen as a cool hip carseat that still brings the "safety first" mentality. During treatment the client provided:

  • Ideas: Jason Mraz Rap groove | Kid friendly | Innovation
  • Key Features: "Dual Zone" / "Easy to latch" / "Ergo Boost"
  • Phrases: "Chicco manufactured - everybody approves" | "Mix & Match" |"Easy to latch"
  • Ideas: indie-base tune
  • Phrases: "Together We Grow"


  • More creative freedom.

Instrumental / heavy production / upbeat tune for Lutron Casetta

Caron Treatment Foundation, PA.

zugbros@gmail.com | 717.615.8798

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