Timor Leste By Piers blackwell

Overview of Timor leste:

  • Location: South Eastern asian nation
  • Population: 1.178 million (2013)
  • GDP: $1.615 billion USD
  • GDP Per capita: $1,105.35 USD (2012)
  • Life Expectancy: 67.02 years (2012)
  • Major industry: Oil and Gas


  • Timor Leste has been in a long battle for independence which left the country with almost 70% of its buildings destroyed and most of its population displaced.

Comparison between other ldcs - Vanuatu


  • GDP of both countries are nearly the same, $1.237 billion (Vanuatu) , $1.293 billion (Timor-Leste)


  • Economy sectors, Vanuatu is more focused on agriculture and produces crops such has Copra, cocoa,kava. Whereas Timor-Leste produces oil and gas

Comparing Levels of development

A graph comparing the development between Singapore and Timor-Leste
Singapore GDP
Timor-Leste GDP
GNI Timor
Singapore GNI

Domestic factors and economic development


During the conflict for independence, 95% of Timor Leste's schools were burnt to the ground. Because of the lack of infrastructure, it severely harmed Timor Leste's education programme.However, over the past decade, access to education within Timor Leste has become easier and more accessible. The number of teachers have doubled from 5,700 to over 12,000 which has improved the student to teacher ration from 45:1 to 28:1.

Through multiple projects funded by the World Bank, GPE and other partners thousands of classrooms have been built, more teachers have been trained and more learning materials have been provided. Because of these actions it has brought the number of students to enrol in class and there has been a 150% increase.

property rights

The use of appropriate technology

access to credit

women's empowerment

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