Stock Market Game Advice from Claudia Edwards


How should you decide whether or not to buy certain stocks?

  • Look at the corporation's history - only buy if green
  • If you are not sure about the stock, buy only a couple stocks from that company/corporation
  • Buy the largest corporations that are the least likely to lose money
  • Find very popular corporations, don't buy from corporations you've never heard of


  • Buy many stocks
  • Buy from many different corporations
  • Ask people who are doing very well for some great stocks
  • Check "Stocks Gainers" on Yahoo Finance for the best stocks from the day
  • Check the Stock Market Game everyday
  • Invest in small amounts of stocks
  • The more often you buy, the higher ranking you will be
  • Ask friends about a couple stocks that they think are good
  • Spend all your money! It's not real, and you don't get to keep what's left over


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