Sue Riley, NACE CEO

Welcome to this special digital edition of NACE Insight…

Since COVID-19 paused education as we know it, educational professionals across the world have worked tirelessly to develop a response to provide some continuity to learning, all the while aware of the many risks associated with time away from school, and the widening gaps it will bring.

Now as schools tentatively begin the process of opening their doors to more children and rebuilding face-to-face education whilst continuing with remote learning, the realisation of that impact grows. (See the EEF’s rapid evidence assessment of the impact of school closures on the attainment gap, published this month).

September, we are told, will bring a “new norm” – and whilst it is too early to say what that will mean for schools, it is clear we will be living with COVID-19 for some time to come. Shielding and some form of remote teaching may well be part of that new reality.

The question “what can we learn from the past few months, and how can we build on it?” is therefore a crucial one. We must look to other schools of course, but we should also extend our view further, to learn from other sectors.

Like many organisations, NACE will continue to address these issues in the coming weeks and months and seek opportunities to work with you to do just that.

What we have seen from members throughout this time is a continued focus on development – be that school or individual, as you continue to engage with us – through questions, sharing solutions and focusing on longer-term planning.

In response, here are just a few of the initiatives we have put in place:

  • NACE Coronavirus Hub: overview of resources and support for schools
  • Research into student wellbeing: continuing our work with York St John University, we are partnering on a survey focusing on learner experiences during this time
  • Virtual member meetups: bringing members together for an early review of challenges and responses
  • "Ask NACE”: free 1-2-1 support calls for members – our next session on 9 July is now open for bookings
  • Reimagining education: we launched this programme in May, inviting education leaders from across NACE to share perspectives, strategies and plans for the new academic year and beyond – watch this space for future developments
  • Challenge Development Programme: enhanced online support and flexible options
  • Online CPD: focusing on challenge, independence, data and more
  • Member forums: facilitating ongoing discussion and collaboration

Stopping to reflect and learn from what we are experiencing is crucial – and this is the basis of our extended lead article, “Lessons from lockdown”, in which NACE patrons, trustees and members reflect on some of the challenges, opportunities and questions the past few months have raised. Do take time to read these perspectives; they are the beginning of a much wider discussion, and the basis from which we will start to build a sustainable response.

For now, I would like to thank colleagues and members for their contributions and engagement, the NACE team for their willingness and enthusiasm to adapt to the present situation, and of course the thousands of teachers who continue to support both their learners and one another. At this time of crisis, the overarching response has been to share and learn together.


Lessons from lockdown

  1. Metacognition, remote learning and support for parents
  2. Reflections on remote learning and effective pedagogy (video)
  3. LEARNING technologies: developing a technology-enabled profession
  4. Rising stars: why are some students thriving out of school?
  5. Transitioning from Year 11 during a global pandemic
  6. Trustee thoughts: recognition and thanks

Member updates and opportunities

  1. Supporting curriculum reform in Wales
  2. Think like a more able learner: research update
  3. Getting the most out of NACE membership
  4. Featured resource: individual education plans (IEPs)
  5. Challenge Development Programme update: new support for schools
  6. Join our team: become a NACE Associate

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