The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt Kaylee Range

My Spatial Experience: I felt rushed as I was entering the theatre because I was running late. However, when I entered the theatre, it was smaller than I imagined. I got lucky and was seated in the middle of the theatre, closer towards the front. I like that the auditorium was smaller because it allowed for less distractions, and made the play more enjoyable for me. I got excited when the lights dimmed, because I had heard so many good things about the play, and I knew that I would not be disappointed.

My Social Experience: I attended the play alone. Even though I attendee alone, I still made it a point to interact with my fellow classmates and get their input on the play. To prepare for the performance, I read the material posted before hand. I think that the reason it s encouraged to go with others or to interact with others at the play is because its been proven that you are open to more ideas and enjoy events more when they are revolved around other people.

My Cultural and Intellectual Experience: I enjoyed that the play was historically accurate. I was worried that it wouldn't be and that it would have taken away from the experience of the play. However, I was slightly confused as to why the play was named after Sarah Bernhardt even though the main characters were the priests. I believe that the there were two central issues addressed in the play. The first one being child labor laws, and the second one being child molestation/rape. I don't believe that my views were changed because of the play, but I do think that I became more aware of the events/situations and how they were taking place even during the early 1900s. I would think that Mishow's reaction is similar to how I would have reacted if it were my friend who had been abused. I also think that Sarah's reaction is the closest to how I would have reacted to hearing about the child labor in the factory. I have not been through anything similar to these events, but I do think that the actors and actresses did a fantastic job at portraying real emotion and helping the audience to feel the same as them.

My Emotional Experience: I was not expecting the play to include the topics that people find harder to discuss. I think that because it was unexpected and even included these topics at all helped to bring katharsis. I think a lot of the time we choose not to acknowledge that these events happen, because its such a difficult topic to discuss and make people aware of. But I like how in the play they used children and priests. It is easier for people to feel a strong emotion when children are involved because they are innocent and the future generation. And with the priests, not many people consider that bad things can happen to people of God. The play did a great job brining awareness to these events and making the public emotionally aware.


Created with images by Renaud Camus - "Le Jour ni l'Heure 8156 : portrait, 1876, dét., de Sarah Bernhardt, 1844-1923, par Georges Clairin, 1845-1920, Paris, musée du Petit Palais, dimanche 11 mars 2012, 16:47:23"

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