Air Pollution By: Gam 3-2

Where does air pollution come from ?

Air pollution come from car, train, trucks, plane, and factory. The polluted air come from the exhaust pipe. But for the factory the polluted air which is the smoke that come from the chimney.

How do we solve air pollution ?

We breathe dirty air inside our lung so it could cause lung cancer, illness,and heart disease. There are 2 reasons for smoking it could cause lung cancer, and the other reason is we is breath in carbon dioxide.

We could stop air pollution by use less car and motorcycle because the polluted air come from the exhaust pipe. We could use bicycle or walk instead of

driving cars and motorcycle because it uses lots of energy. Factory don’t pump that much of carbon but if they do, we will see a lots of smokes and we will breath in lots of polluted air. Also the company will get in trouble.


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