Tremendous Weekly Content Review 01-31 -- 02-06

Alrighty then! This week we've had even more great content produced by our Team and I would be remiss if I failed to give you a simple way to peruse and engage with the amazing new content that's out there. So, here it is, in amazing detail and ease of access! Enjoy!

T9A Content! WOOT!

Starting us off extra strong this week is none other than Godbold of the Fantasy Wargaming Podcast! In their newest episode the guys talk about the v1.3 release, and their expectation of the Cardiff Team Tournament. Its an excellent show very much worth of your fandom!

Blonde Beer of The Orange Road is up next and as always, the man has delivered to the community more high quality content! This week we get a "Fluffy" Pestilence List (Its huge) and an opinion on the current Strength of the Ogre Khans (LEAVE MY OGRES ALONE!).

HRPB or Ant or HR (On YouTube) is up next and this week he brings us more great stuff! List Building Methodology, First impressions of the Undying Dynasty, an opinion piece on Lances, as well as Elves and lightning reflexes! The perspective is fresh and the topics are hot! Go take a look!

Darksky is up next and brings us one of the coolest bits of content! He had a photoshoot for his Dread Elves and the results are amazing. He also delivers us TWO painting blogs so that you can see the method to his art. It doesn't get any better than this! (Not for free anyway) Check it out!

Mittierim brings us an excellent narrative battle report this week where the MUCH requested High Born Elves take on the Dwarven Holds! I love this guy's stuff.

Genephelps of Wargaming from the Balcony is up next and this week the guys bring us a 6000 point Brawlers Bash Battle Report and a 4 way team game! Gotta love seeing all those models kick the crud out of each other on the table! Breathtaking!


SkaveninAZ is up next and brings us a battle report where his Warriors of the Dark Gods take on the Kingdom of Equitaine. This guy makes some great battle reports. If you're not already Subbed to him you go remedy that right now!

Dwarven Tom is up next with an excellent battle report where the Dwarven Holds take on their arch nemesis, the Orcs and Goblins. Its a full sized, 5000 point battle to! ENJOY!

Petterwass is next and as always, he has an amazing Paint and review article for us. This week its Fireforge's Pegasus Knights. Whenever I see one of this guy's articles pop up I stop what I'm doing to read thru it. Haven't regretted it yet!

Henrypmiller of AMMERTIME Podcast brings us some amazingly painted monsters in his content for this week. Tale of Many Gamers Part 4 is a great article and after you're done reading it go check out the AMMERTIME podcast! Great stuff!

SmithF is up next and has a couple of great articles that depict his first 2 battles during a Team Tournament in Lille! Excellent reports with excellent pics! Enjoy!

Raffazza of SLANN RAT RADIO (Podcast) is up next and brings us a new episode this week. The bring in a special guest for this episode where they discuss the ins and outs of the Saurian Ancients! This is a great episode!

There is no Spoon brings us a very nice narrative this week where he talks a little bit about the 7 New Dark Gods that will soon be reeking havoc all over table tops on both sides of the ocean! Quiet the enjoyable read!

Tunafishsandwichify is back and better than ever! Having kids must agree with the man! This week he brings us an excellent battle report where his Warriors of the Dark Gods take on the High Born Elves. May the Knife ears get cut down in droves!

Dark Wizard is back this week and brings us another amazing battle report! This week the Vampire Covenant go head to head with the Ogre Khans. Here's to hoping the Ogres add a few more toothy bones to the pile!

Me! Lord Tremendous brings a new Battle Report this week! In it I take on my Demonic Opponent in order to continue preparing for Adepticon. I also have a new recap interview in this report. Let me know what you think!

WAAAARGHammer is back! He brings us the other side of the battle report against his brother with his Orcs and Goblins taking on the Ogre Khans! I love this guy's stuff!

Green Dragon Gaming!

SirMC2015 of Green Dragon Gaming, brings us a TON of phenomenal battle reports this week! I've watched them all and enjoyed every minute of them! You will too! I promise! Go check them out!

Rasmus7814 finishes off this amazing week with nothing short of a fantastic battle report. In his 4000 point game the Saurian Ancients take on the Vampire Covenant. The perfect report to end the week on!

Hope you all enjoyed this week's content! I certainly did! It's been a great week and I'm looking forward to seeing all the great new content the guys and gals produce this week! See you next Monday!

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