The Gift of Problem By. Brennon, jj, dominick


About six months ago my dad was still an achaholic and one night my dad was drunk and stormed off and he fell in a exposed storm drain and had to get his toe amputated and he couldn't walk for a couple months and he leaned on me for everything and it was really stressful and we both learned that we shouldn't drink.

Young Adult

My cousin did go to school when he was little. Then he drooped out of school. He is no 20 something and he wish es he did go to school. It is hard for him to do math and stuff like that and he can't get a really good job. Lesson: Stay in School

middle age adult

2 years ago my dad was working on our lawn mower he forgot to turn off then motor and he got his skin on his finger ripped off the. LESSON:for the problem was to turn the motor off before sticking your hand in there

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