Diseases and Health Issues in the Victorian Era By: Richa kiran

In the Victorian Era, there was a variety of diseases and health issues that created major epidemics, which led to the discovery of new cures, vaccines, and principles that are still used today.

Experiencing disease started at a very young age for people in this era, and if you made it past the age of five, you were lucky. (measles, whooping cough, and scarlet fever)
As you grew older and encountered other health issues, people dying due to disease was, unfortunately, very regular in this era. (Tuberculosis, Typhoid and Typhus Fever, Cholera, and Small Pox)
Although these diseases were very deadly, they did lead to extremely beneficial medical breakthroughs that are still used today like cures and vaccines for various diseases and state regulations on the practice of medicine and sanitary conditions for all people.(Sanitary reform, revolution in medicine, and tuberculosis vaccine)

Since these diseases caused such big problems, it was the start of groundbreaking medical research and the discovery of cures for many deadly diseases. Also, the fact that these diseases did not discriminate based on class and affected everyone, worked to blur class lines and start the journey to a more equal society as a whole.


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