24 Hours in Reno Reno, NV

The Biggest Little City in the World

Did you know Reno is the second most populous city in Nevada? Las Vegas is first. We spend a lot of time in Tahoe so my parents thought it'd be fun to check out this little big city, just 22 miles from Lake Tahoe.

Whitney Peak Hotel

Little known fact: my mom is a huge fan of two Instagram influencers: Loki the wolf dog and Breezeturner. So when she saw they did a promo for Reno she was like, "we have to check out these places!" That's how we found out about this dog-friendly hotel.

Look at all the four-legged guests!

This hotel is so pet-friendly that you just have to pay a flat fee for any furry guests. There are no designated "pet" rooms.

You're making sure we get a room with a view, right?

Top floor - check. View - check. Bed - check. Now where are you guys going to sleep?

Ooooh, is that for moi?!

Don't I look like a wolf sleeping in the forest?

Pets are generally allowed wherever there isn't any food served, which was ok by me since they give out a pretty sweet goodie bag!

I've never stayed in a room this high up! Look at how small everything looks from here!

I liked looking out the window at all the casino lights and ant people

For you humans, there's a lounge on the 15th floor that serves complimentary refreshments, light bites, coffee, and beverages throughout the day, which was super convenient. I kept wondering where they were going without me!

Basic bathroom

The hotel also has a popular rock-climbing gym (and regular gym). In fact, there are rock climbing walls on the walls of the hotel outside. It makes for some good people watching considering you're right in the middle of the city.

For those who want to stay in the middle of the city, this is a convenient hotel option. Also, my mom could not get enough of their water dispensers. She LOVES these! It makes it so much easier to make sure she always has water ready for me...I mean, her....

One thing my parents had a hard time with, though, is how little green there is throughout downtown. There was a grassy lot by the hotel but it wasn't maintained and you had to be careful where you stepped. If your pup is like me and won't just squat anywhere, this can make it a bit tricky keeping us on a regular schedule.

I refuse to poop on cement! Although I will pee on everything...

City Sights

Reno is interesting. Depending in which neighborhood you're in it's a little bit like Salt Lake City, a little bit like Portland and uniquely Reno. It's got a bit of nostalgia with the old school casinos and western flare; however, the area was hit hard by the recession so amidst all the casino lights there are lots of foreclosed buildings and homelessness, but if you're a city dog like me, then no sweat! There isn't anything we can't handle!

Reno has LOTS of urban art which I loved! So much color everywhere!

Another little fact: Mom is scared of clowns...she thought this was particularly scary. It's a BIG clown...

There's so much to look at!

Is that my relative?

Playa Art Park

Reno is also called the "gateway" to Burning Man which is a big event for you humans. So if you look around the city you'll notice art installations from various Burning Man festivals all over the place that have all found a home in Reno.

Just a few blocks south from the hotel is Playa Art Park which is essentially an art park, and you all know how I feel about art. I make art look good! Plus, my humans like to take a lot of pictures of me.

Don't I look demonically angelic?

I love you, dad!

I think it's so cool how it's all public and free. Sure makes walking around a lot more interesting. Just make sure your pups don't relieve themselves on anything, please!

Experiencing art

Then we decided to head into the other direction to check out the Riverwalk District, which is a neighborhood right by the Truckee River. During nicer seasons you can walk right down to the river and watch it flow by. I like to watch the ducks.

In fact, Reno as a whole is super easy to walk - A+ walkability score! We San Franciscans really appreciate that.

An evening stroll by a bubbling river


Help! The fish ate me!

If you continue walking North, over the Truckee River there's a fantastic underground market in a converted historic US Post Office that is completely dog friendly.

The Basement

Local businesses all sharing space - but no one shared any treats with me...

If you keep heading North you can explore Midtown. We didn't make it, but it's a popular Reno neighborhood with lots of shops and eateries/cafes.

If you're looking for somewhere for your pups to run we also checked out some local dog parks, but you'll need a car to get around. You can check out our reviews here:

Hope you can spare 24 hours to explore Reno!

🐾 Caesar

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