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First Agricultural Revolution

The first agricultural revolution or also known as the Neolithic revolution was when humans learned how to farm. Before people started farming they hunted and gathered the things they needed, meaning that they would hunt their food and when their food moved to a new location they would gather up their things and follow them. Humans never really had permanent homes until they learned how to farm. Before farming people would have to gather up their stuff and follow the animals that they were living off of. Now they could almost always have food because they know how to grow things, and that made it so humans could have permanent homes.

Here is a picture of some people farming by hand and they also have permanent homes.

Second Agricultural Revolution

The second agricultural revolution was started in western europe. It basically was when humans started using tractors and and other machines to help them farm. The machines made it faster and easier to farm it also helped people plant a lot more crops than before. In better words it was when human labor turned into machine labor. It wasn't all just machine labor right away though because people still would have to sit on the planter on the back of the tractor and plant the seeds into the ground and the planter would just put the soil all around the seed. After a while humans improved the machines to do all of the work for them all the people would have to do is drive the tractor or machine. All the machines weren't just used for planting some were used for digging ditches, drilling, and many other things too.

This would be used for planting and it would be pulled by a horse.

Third Agricultural Revolution

The third agricultural revolution was when humans changed how plants grow. (gmo's) Humans made it so that plants could grow faster and so that they could grow more plants than they used to. People also made it so you could spray chemicals on the plants and only the weeds would die and not the plant. This made it so people could get way more crops than they used to because not as many plants would get taken over by weeds, we also were making machines better and we still are. But if you have better plants and better machines then we used to and you put them together then your going to get a lot of plants grown in a short period of time.

This plane is spraying chemicals on the plants to help them grow.


GMO's are (genetically modified organisms) it's an organism that has had its DNA modified in someway. GMO's have made it so plants can grow bigger and faster, also some are changed so that they can have round-up sprayed on them and they won't die. Some plants have a bunch of different things done to their dna and sometimes the things they have done to the dna is good for you when you eat it. For an example, there was some engineers who modified a tomato to produce higher levels of nutrients called anthocyanins, which have been shown to be protective against a wide variety of human diseases. But it also isn't always good to you it's only some of them that are, because they aren't always the same. Like some gmo's have bad things added to their dna and it isn't good for your body.

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