Palm Tree Paradise ~your Paradise awaits~


Welcome to Palm Tree Paradise! Where your paradise awaits*! Here at the wonderful islands of Bora Bora, you will find nothing but paradise! Keep reading for more info on PTP.

Palm Tree Paradise's motto: Life's a wave, catch it.

*Life's a wave, catch it.*

Our Mission: To have everyone be equal in all aspects of life. Palm Tree Paradise will be an island of peace. No wars, fighting or competition, just surfing an relaxing on the beach.

just look at these trees!

Our policy's are: 1- no one is jelouse or competitive between one and other. 2-everyone is required to work a minimum of 6 hours a day. (they may work more if wanted) 3- everyone is required to surf at least 1 hour a day. 4- All the houses must have a garden 5- Everybody is required to spend 10+ hours a week outside. 6-If seen any trash/garbage outside anywhere, it is required to be picked up by you. 7- All little children have to go to school from 10-2 each day. 8- All people going the same place must carpool their and back to help stop air pollution. 9- Everyone must eat the food provided for you 10- Everyone must play a sport of their choice.

just keep swimming, just keep swimming!

Palm Tree Paradise will be located on the French Polynesian Islands called Bora Bora.

What does a typical day for a child in our community look like?

7-8; wake up and get ready for surf hour, 8-9; surf hour at the beach/play at the beach 9-10; get ready for school, do what you need to do, 10-2; school, 2-3; surf hour/outside time, 3-4; homework/clean 4-5; free time 5-6; dinner 6-8; free time, 8-9; get ready for bed/ do what you need to do, 9-9:30; read 9:30- bedtime!



Created with images by Pexels - "beach bungalows clouds" • jimg944 - "bb8404_056, Bora Bora, French Polynesia" • tara marie - "Surf" • Nerru - "Palm Trees" • wasserberg - "Bora Bora (2006/I)" • WikiImages - "bora bora tahiti atoll" • Arnie Papp - "Four Seasons Bora Bora Tahiti 17082011_0975 v2"

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