Prostart Term 2

These are my knife cuts

-Brunouse, medium dice, and batonnet

The team this term was learning how to make egg yolk ravioli. We also had to learn how to make pasta, and determine what recipe worked the best.

I would like a kitchenaid mixer in my kitchen. I found it on It cost $429.99

This is the base for the prostart teams deconstructed cheesecake. We used a mix of cookie, cones, and graham crackers to make the perfect base.

we made fajitas for class one day. we were learning about dry cooking methods.

Term 3

Strawberries come from Europe and North America. You can find them growing wild in both countrys. 75% Of american strawberries are grown in Californa

I chose this outfit because it makes me feel confident, and confidence is key! :) You also act how you are dressed, and by wearing a nice outfit I am ready to be in a professional setting>

This is the 3 course meal that the prostart team competed with. We have been working on it since November.

The prostart team made it to state! It was such a neat experience to be able to get great feedback from Chefs

On March 14 we made peach pies to help celebrate PI day. We were able to use the pie technics that we learned at the beginning of the year!

Term 4

I like this place setting. it shows the soup bowl, the salad plate, and a main entree plate. it is supposed to be for English dinning.

Reading is a great stress reliever for me! It lets me get out of reality and into this world that i can be whomever I want to be. I love being able to go and see the world in my room.
This lab we made a type of salsa, salad. We have been talking about legumes and way to use them in food.
This is my disappointing dessert. we were learning to make food with what we had. Spam should never go into a dessert, it is so gross!!
We learned about potato. There are so many types of potatoes it is crazy. My group wanted to make latkes put we ended making a fish taco with hash browns in them.


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