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Scout has a hard time getting along with Miss Caroline when she starts going to school. Atticus tells Scout that in order to get along with people, she will need to try to see things from other's perspectives. Everyone see's different things through their eyes. Not everyone has the same set of eyes, therefore not everyone has the same view of things. Not everyone has the same brain, therefore no one thinks the same. Everyone believes different things are right from wrong.
Calpurnia tells Scout at the church that if she doesn't act like her own kind she will get in trouble. Calpurnia tells Scout that she is expected to act a certain way. Just like Scout is expected to act a certain way. Scout knows that this isn't how Calpurnia really is, she knows Calpurnia is different than her kind. Scout now knows that if you don't act the way that you are supposed to people will have a completely different view of you. In Maycomb you are expected to act a certain way and if you don't act the way you are supposed to, then those people will be treated different than others who do act the way they are expected to act. Just like this mirror you may think the way you are acting is okay based on what you see. But others may see you at a different angle.
While Aunt Alexandra came to visit. She told Scout that she needs to act more like a lady. Scout was always taught by Atticus that she is perfect just the way she is. Aunt Alexandra believes that being a lady means wearing dresses and having manners. This is what Aunt Alexandra is trying to teach Scout. Scout believes being a lady means staying true to herself and not letting others push her around. She cares about the people she loves and she is always ready to fight for what she believes in. Scout believes this is what a lady should act like.
Boo Radley also taught Scout a very valuable lesson. During the fire while she was standing outside with her brother Jem. Boo came and wrapped a blanket around her. Scout and Jem both thought Boo was this big mean monster. But really he is a very caring and gentle person. His heart cares for other people very deeply. This just goes to show you that not everyone is who they seem to be by first glance. Or even by what your mind tells you. Your mind is a very powerful thing. But it can even play tricks on us.
Scout informed Miss Maudie that she was ashamed of her father because she believed that he couldn't do anything. Miss Maudie said that there was no reason why Scout should be ashamed of her father. Atticus shot the dog with the rifle on the first try. Scout couldn't believe her eyes. She never knew her father was capable of this. Miss Maudie taught Scout to never underestimate what any human can do, no matter how young or how old.
During the testimony for Tom Robinson Atticus said this quote from Thomas Jefferson "All men are created equal". In Maycomb people are not treated equally. Atticus was trying to teach both Jem and Scout that this is not okay. Everyone should be treated equally no matter what race someone is. Atticus is teaching his children that even though others treat people unequally they don't have too. It's what you choose to do, not what others make you do.
Lessons I Have Learned
I used to always be afraid of trying something new because I was afraid of failing. I was afraid of getting let down. My mom taught me that even if you fail you can always take another shot. She told me even if I fall it's never impossible to pick myself back up, and try again. She taught me you never know what will happen unless you try new things, and experience new things in the world.
My best friend taught me that if you try hard enough you can get over any fear. I always used to be terrified of performing in front of people for my vocal class. Once I got up on the stage and started singing I got over my fear. Now I love performing. I used my fear to my advantage and I got more brave when I sing in front of people. I love being up on the stage I feel like I can express who I am. When I'm on the stage, I don't have to pretend to be somebody that I'm not.
My dad taught me if I put my mind to something I can do anything in the world. For a long time I was extremely shy. I was afraid of what people thought about me, what they said about me. One day I remembered this lesson my dad taught me. I gradually did things out of my comfort zone such as getting out of the house more often. I also started talking to more people. I got involved in vocal this year. All of these things made me get over my shyness. I'm glad I remembered this lesson my dad taught me, if I wouldn't have remembered I never would have came out of my shell.
One of my ex boyfriend's taught me that there can be cruel people in the world. He taught me this through his actions. He always put me down and told me I couldn't do something that I was passionate about. He would do things to make me upset on purpose. I stayed because I thought I needed someone in order for me not to feel weak or helpless. But once I got away from him, I realized that I am strong and independent. I don't need to be with someone in order to be strong, All I need is my friends and family to support me all the way. Through thick and thin.
My brother taught me that if you don't do fun and crazy things while you're young, you'll have nothing to smile about when you get older. My brother did not tell me this lesson, I figured it out on my own since I'm very observant. He always talks about the crazy things he did when he was my age, and he smiles and laughs when he tells his stories. I thought to myself "Would he have anything to smile about if he wouldn't have done those crazy things". I came to the conclusion that the answer is no. Life can't be serious all the time. Life is too short for that. You need to have some fun too, and capture all the memories.
One of my other best friends taught me a really good lesson that I can use throughout high school. That lesson is to be a leader and never be a follower. I always followed her and what she did cause I wanted to fit in, and I didn't want to lose her as a friend. We were friends for a total of 4 years. I continued to follow her until I found myself standing in the wrong situation along with her. She was talking about doing drugs and alcohol with a group of people. I didn't want to be around people talking about doing these things. So I left the situation completely and stopped hanging out with her. I stopped all contact with her. Instead of being a follower I became a leader.
Most of the people in high school are just people I associate with. I have a few good friends at school. But my best friend is Ashley. It will be her and I against the world. Always.
The End


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