A Gift and a Curse

Every year my family and I plan a family trip out of Memphis . We been to a lot of many different cities in different states. No one will never know how irritating some of your family members are until you are stuck on a van with them for hours. Although we still manage to find ways to have a good time, and appreciate the time we spend together. My mother always remind me " You better be happy because there are families that never goes on vacations or even have families to go with". I am always excited to visit new cities and see things that I have never seen before.

Last year, we visited New Orleans, Louisiana for Mardi Gras. My family and I took a bus there and while we were on the bus we watched comedian movies and slept until we got there. Most of the movies we watched were Tyler Perry movies that came out over the years like, Why Did I Get Married. The drive was not as long as some of the other drives we have taken before. I was anxious to get there and also annoyed because my twin sisters repeatedly asked me, "are we there yet?" I guess they were just as anxious and excited as I was. I didn't sleep any while we were headed there, because I was that excited. I had a back pack full of snacks. I had chips, cookies, juices, and candy. All the candy is probably what kept me woke. Finally, we were approaching the bridge and I begin to get nervous as we crossed over it.

The first thing we did when we arrived in New Orleans was unpack the bus and check into our hotels. We all took showers and changed out of our comfortable clothes to head on to Bourbon Street. By this time I was starving and could not wait to get some good sea food. We started walking down Bourbon and it was crowded with so many people. There were people in the street, people on the balconies throwing beads, and people crowding the stores. It was still day time so Bourbon was not as packed as it would be at night time. After we left Bourbon we got on the bus to head to the parade.

The parade was almost twice as packed as bourbon street was. There were tents set up along the sidewalk, where some families grilled food, drank alcohol, and played music. We found a place to set up our lawn chairs so we can get settled in before the parade started. We had a cooler with juices and water for the younger kids and beers and wine coolers for the adults. There was this food truck not far from where we were and they were selling Philly cheese steak sandwiches. My brother and I walked to the food truck to get one. When we returned to where my family was located it was about time for the parade to start. The sun had finally gone down and the lights on the floats looked so cool. It was a line of about thirty different floats all tossing beads, light sticks, and so many other cool things. My sisters had necks full of beads and some cool light up swords the caught. It was definitely something cool to see and experience.

The last day we were in New Orleans we went shopping at the French Quarter, the flea market. There were so many cool souvenirs to purchase. There was one man who painted peoples names with symbols of things from New Orleans, like craw-fish and things. Then, we decided to stop at Popeye's and it was the best Popeye's I had ever eaten before. I am pretty sure it was because we were in New Orleans. I thoroughly enjoyed myself in New Orleans. It is definitely a place I want to visit again, now that I am twenty-one. I brought back several souvenirs to give to my friends and I also had plenty of beads to give away. New Orleans is a place that you see things that would never see anywhere else.


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