Digital Me: Digital portfolios, assessment, & Employment


Introduction Assignment: Who are you? Where do you live? What does personal brand mean to you?

What I learned: I forgot to turn HD on & I really DO talk with my hands a lot!
Digital Photography

Assignment One: Take 3 headshots of someone that are suitable for social media. Share via your learning journal.

Super Adorable Hubby
Construction dumpsters make great backdrops.
What I Learned: Always allow yourself to play and make mistakes and masterpieces. Sometimes, the best photo comes from not worrying about it being perfect. It's the one you allow yourself to experiment with. . .
Oh, deer.

Assignment Two: Create resume templates using Adobe Comp and/or Indesign. Share via your learning journal.

Resume Templates
What I Learned: I enjoyed trying to incorporate my photography and artwork. As a self-taught artist without industry experience, it can be difficult finding enough work. I don't fit nice and neatly into a box, so I have to spend more time figuring out how to sell myself.

Earlier playing around. . .

Assignment Three: Create logo and social media banner images.

Logo/Social Media
Optimal Twitter Banner Size
Love how this waxwing's snack looks like the dot on my j.
What I learned: Keep it simple. Constantly ask yourself, does it work in one color?
Four Js: Named Jennifer at birth, called Jenny through elementary school, started using Jeni in junior high, still answer to Jen!
I enjoyed looking through my photos to find images that would compliment the logos.
I had a great deal of difficulty getting my h's to stay aligned when resizing.
Super excited! This piece is getting ready for a gallery show in June.

Assignment 4: Create or improve an online portfolio.

Online Portfolios
What I learned: I need to devote some time to seriously updating my everything! Otherwise, only members of the Psychic Friends Network will know what kind of work I am capable of creating for them.

My Portfolio

I need to adopt a better file management system so updating various social media/online portfolios is an easier task.


While I use Dropbox & Creative Cloud to store my photographs and digital art projects, I need to explore other storage solutions . I "have" iCloud, but according to my adult son, am not "using" it. Also, I currently use SmugMug for display and purchasing. Perhaps, I should think about it for storage, too.



I would love to have a larger social media following and welcome some AGP love. Thanks!

Week 5: E-Portfolio Assessment

I chose to do a formative self-assessment because I wanted to take it a step further than reflection.

Standing back from yourself and assessing your work is very different than reflecting on your work. Both are invaluable.
What I learned: I realized that I have many insecurities regarding my work, otherwise I would have already made time to write descriptions and add more work. This surprised me. A lot. I think it just goes to show that we as teachers never really know the whole story behind a student's choices - nor do they. . .
I loved doing the Spark assessment. What a fantastic tool for connecting with your students about their work! I'm brainstorming ways to use this with the K-12 homeschool annual reviews/evaluations I conduct this time of year. I also know our second grade classroom would love this!
My take-aways with regards to e-portfolios are to "just do your thing" & "show what you know."
Final Assignment

Week Five!

Hive Five - jeni kocher zerphy

Write a personal reflection on your learning experience.

What I Learned: I learn best in an environment where I can learn at own pace, in my own space, but have unlimited collaboration with a creative community.
It felt refreshing to not see hundreds of cookie-cutter projects. Learning from each other's creative interpretations was engaging and inspirational.
The assignments enabled me to think about my own thinking - my process, my reasoning - rather than my product.
It was difficult to own my insecurities, but the minute I did, I freed myself to do what I do best - Ask, "What If. . ." It allowed me to have sustained growth throughout the course.
I'm looking forward to employing Spark Page & Video in new ways. The last two photography gallery show submissions were prepared on Page. They were a big hit. The curator thought it was awesome!

Thank you cross-pollinators!


Jeni Kocher Zerphy

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