TERM 2 PROJECT By: Dania and Matylda


-Internet basics: module 1,3, and 6

-Internet safety

-Google sketchup *using the rectangle, push up/down tool, navigation tools < >using pencil, move, and eraser tools*

Module 1: What is the internet?

The internet plays a very important part in our everyday lives. It has made tasks much less of a burden, while also expanding our abilty to accomplish more. With improvements such as communticating with people from all around the world, as well as ordering things online from the comfort of your own home.

But how does it work? Well the Internet is a global network of physical cables and while it may be simple for us to use or gain access to, it is a very complicated process that can somehow take seconds.

Module 3:connecting to the internet

Once you've set up your computer, you may need home internet access. Because it is important to communicate with others, research information, or use social networking sites. There is a wide variety of internet services available such as dial-up, DSL, satellite, and more. In order to gain access to WiFi you need to purchase a modem and a router. These are both hardware devices that are essential for a proper connection.

module 6:Understanding hyperlinks

Hyperlinks or links are used to navigate the web, they can help direct you to a page easily. They resemble addresses because they direct you to the location you are heading to. Links can be different colours or made bold in order to indicate that it is a link. You may also notice that your cursor becomes a hand when it is over a link. In some cases links can allow you to download a file.

Internet safety

While the internet is extremely useful and many people have adapted to being dependent on it, it can be very deceiving. Many people online can pose a threat to not only your online safety but also your safety in the real world. That is why is it very important to have strong passwords and a different password for each account.

Some important characteristics of a strong password is at least 10 characters, numbers, lowercase/uppercase letters, nothing personal, etc.

google sketchup:using the rectangle, push up/down, and navigation tools

Google sketchup is a 3D modeling computer program. It can help create models of buildings that include things like colour, measurements, etc it can be very useful to complete tasks or just for fun. Although it can be very complicated.


To use google sketchup you need to understand how to use basic tools. Some of the most basic tools are the rectangle, push up/down, and navigation tools. It is very simple to use these tools but they they can be slightly confusing. Here is a video describing in detail how to use these tools.

google sketchup:using the pencil, move, and eraser tools

Now that you know how to use these tools you can begin adding more details to your buildings. The pencil, move, and eraser tools can help make your buildings more detailed. To use the pencil tool click on the pencil icon in the tools bar, next simply use your mouse to draw a line however you'd like it. To use the move tool click in the icon with 4 arrows and move whatever you want to by clicking on it. If you need to erase anything click on the eraser icon and click on what you want to erase.


Created with images by AlexanderStein - "colored pencils pens crayons" • Mark Morgan Trinidad B - "question mark" • DariuszSankowski - "phone screen technology" • automobileitalia - "VOLKSWAGEN: QUEL MILIONE BUTTATO IN PASSWORD DIMENTICATE" • kjarrett - "School Design Project"

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