Florida Jackson S.

"Florida: where your sunshine dreams become a sunny reality."


Florida was founded by Spanish explorers such as Ponce de Leon who were looking for the fabled Fountain of Youth. Spain wanted to colonize the New World and become the most powerful country on earth. Spanish missionaries used Florida as a way of spreading their Catholic religion to Native Americans in hope of spreading it across the globe.


Florida's is called the Sunshine State for good reason. There is lots of sun in Florida, and the weather is generally hot and humid. Rainy seasons in the Summer and Spring help keep Florida green. The seasons in Florida don't change a whole lot, keeping the air warm and humid almost year-round.

The Sunshine State

Florida's heat produces one of the most active thunderstorm areas in the world. Summers skies are often lit up by lightning. Fall brings hurricane season to Florida, and residents often board up and take shelter from these powerful storms.

Florida's land includes miles and miles of sandy beach coastline. The sand stretches inland too, creating sandy soil conditions.

Florida's got sand!

But inland, much of Florida's land is swampy wetlands. Florida a largely a flat state with very little elevation change. Oak trees, palm trees, and cypress tress populate the state by the thousands.


One of Florida's greatest natural resources is water! Florida has more natural springs than any state, offering a water source for its inhabitants. Their miles of coastline provide opportunities for fishing. Florida is ranked fifth in the U.S. for its mining and mineral production, including limestone, sand, gravel, clay, and heavy minerals.


Citrus, tourism, retirement communities, and technology dominate Florida's economy.

For decades, Floridians have grown oranges, grapefruit, and other citrus as a way to make money. Millions of elderly people flock to Florida for their retirement years, and that has created a multi-million dollar industry there. In the 1970's, Disney World brought tourism to Florida, and it's become of the the state's most lucrative industries. Recently, technology has provided many people with ways to make money in Florida.


Florida is the place to be if you want to ever get to outer space! With NASA, Lockheed Martin, and SpaceX in the state of Florida, it's the world leader in developing opportunities for space exploration!

Come to Florida! So much adventure awaits!


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