Village of Pulaski

5 issues in Pulaski

The issue I am going to go into more detail about is Pulaski soccer wanting more fields because there is no room at the high school. This issue was brought up in a town meeting. They will be using middle school fields but don't have enough room at the high school. They have to use the Village of Hobart's fields this summer. Pulaski soccer wants to work with the Village of Pulaski to use some of their community parks to practice at. They are going to hold a adult soccer tournament to raise these funds for the soccer fields. The Village has a choice to help Pulaski soccer get fields so they can practice and don't have to drive all the way to Hobart. I agree with the decision to give the soccer players more room to practice and play. This will also make it way more convenient for them. Having to go to Hobart to practice this summer is very inconvenient. I believe the Village should make the fields and let the players practice on them.

Municipal Building Address-585 E Glenbrook Drive Pulaski, Wisconsin 54162

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