I. Popularititus Alexi & Aidan

II. Diagnostic

A person that has obtained Popularititus, can be indicted by the lack of sympathy, gratefulness, and change of mood. Men and women effected by this disorder display an attitude of self-absorption, desire for the newest trend, arrogance, and lack of appreciation for the things they have. Many people with this disorder can cause emotional damage and scarring by actions and words and also have no desire for a actual relationship, in fear it might damage their ego. This disorder may also include lack of respect for elders, and other people who do not match up to the "popular standards."

III. Associated Features

- excessive obsession with mirrors and pictures of themself

-high levels of arrogant attitude

-reacts to criticism with anger and hostility

-easily jealous

-high expectations for favorable treatment

-lacks empathy

IV. Development

Popularititus can be spotted in the early ages of a child's first year of school or being around multiple children the same age. It can be indicated by the child not being able to share and in rare cases, becoming hostile with other kids. Not very often is there anything doctors or physicians can treat this disorder with. Therapy can be induced and may better the symptoms. As the patient gets older, it usually becomes worse with the pressures of getting older and school. The constant longing to be the best is always pushing them to carry through with the before-mentioned symptoms. Popularititus is not completely curable and can be something someone deals with severely for the course of their life.

V. Differential Diagnosis

This disorder can be related to disorders, such as Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Sociopathic Disorder, Psychopathic Disorder, Histrionic Personality Disorder, & Malignant Disorder. All of these disorders can accompany or be caused by Popularititus.



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