Harn Museum of Art: The Good Life Taylor Wilson

Medium of Art: The Old Man's Cloth

I found this artwork particularly interesting because the artist captured the essence of a soft blanket flying with the wind, but if you look closer, the material used was actually very rigid. This means to me that sometimes you have to take a closer look and study something a little longer before assuming its qualities. This piece made me feel happy because it was so vibrant and inviting. It was easy to get lost looking at all the individual pieces.

Design: Asian Wing & The Garden

The Asian wing was instantly calming, which is why it was my favorite. The entire room was lined with cedar wood that you could faintly smell, this gave the space an entirely different vibe than the rest of the museum. As you enter the Asian wing, your eyes are naturally drawn to the peaceful garden through the ceiling to floor windows. The garden and the cedar wood were the perfect combination because it made you feel so serene.

Core Values: Vessel

I was immediately drawn toward this stone in the Asian wing because it reminds me of the ocean. The white rock looks like sand on the beach, while the blue stone is the ocean. Throughout my visit, I found that I was naturally intrigued by works that resembled the ocean. Some of my values are family, location, and nature. From this exercise, it has become more clear to me that it is very important for me to live on the coast and near my family.

Art & The Good Life: Scene on Snake Key, Gulf Coast

This piece represents a simple life to me. The man in the painting has man's best friend by his side, a weapon to catch his dinner, and is on a beautiful beach. To me, living simply on the coast would make me happy. I feel more connected to nature and myself when secluded and surrounded by the sounds of the ocean. This depicts the good life theme because the idea of the good life is different for each individual and personally, I feel that this would be a happy and fulfilling life.

*All pictures shown were taken by Taylor Wilson*

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