Creative Hotel & Restaurant Photography. Beautiful interior spaces brought to life using flash painting composite technique to enhance every aspect of your space.

Hotel Interiors

Restaurant Interiors


Food Photography to inspire your clients, Studio & location set ups using both natural light and creative flash photography techniques.

Fantastic food photography is critical for us so we can really showcase the quality of dishes on our menu. We enjoy collaborating with Matt to bring the dishes to life using his superb lighting and camera skills with the added bonus that our shoots are also great fun. Matt is always thoroughly professional, flexible to fit in with his clients needs and best of all loves food as much as we do!" Lucy Harwood - Head of Brand - Las Iguanas (Casual Dining Group)

Drinks Photography, cocktails to inspire the senses.

Dynamic Exterior shots to truly highlight the beauty of your hotel and it's unique characteristics.

Exterior Shots using flash painting technique.

Before & After example showing the transformation from base image to the final digital composite created using many flash exposures.


These composites can be made from anything up to around thirty exposures combined on the computer. Every little detail is enhanced and a beautiful warmth and atmosphere is produced to showcase your individual space.

Created By
Matt Gillespie

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