Adobe Experience Manager Sites Lead Developer Exam Guide ADOBE CERTIFIED EXPERT


The Adobe Certified Expert - Adobe Experience Manager Sites Lead Developer exam guide provides potential candidates with information they need to prepare for the certification exam.

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Exam Guide Sections:

  • Intended audience
  • Exam information
  • Minimum candidate experience
  • Exam objectives and scope
  • Online sample test
  • Preparing for the exam

Intended Audience

This exam is intended for software developers who

  • Have a minimum of 3 – 4 years’ experience with AEM 6.x, conduct code reviews and guarantee the quality of code that is written
  • Ensure standards set out for a project are followed
  • Understand Adobe and industry best practices with respect to AEM development; maintain awareness of new features and best practices
  • Have experience leading other developers including answering questions from developers

Exam Information

  • Exam number: AD0-E105
  • Exam name: Adobe Experience Manager Sites Lead Developer Exam
  • Certificate level: Certified Expert
  • Status: Active
  • Available languages: English
  • Number of questions: 50
  • Formats: Multiple choice and multiple select
  • Duration: 100 minutes
  • Delivery: Online proctored (requires camera access) or test center proctored
  • Passing mark: 66% or 550 using a scaled score format of 300 to 700
  • Price: $180 USD

Minimum Candidate Experience

At a minimum, the candidate seeking to become certified as an Adobe Experience Manager Sites Lead Developer should have and be able to

  • Provide high-level estimation of project/developer effort required to complete the project
  • Configure Dispatcher (caching, security, with CDN)
  • Configure AEM as a headless CMS (e.g. using the SPA editor, creating SPA components)
  • Implement a content structure and taxonomy for a project
  • Employ security guidelines
  • Create asset schemas
  • Maintain build processes
  • Translate user requirements into technical designs
  • Implement requirements for automated testing

Familiarity with the following technologies and environments:

  • Java IDEs
  • Front-end IDEs
  • NPM
  • Apache Maven
  • Source version control (Subversion, Git, etc.)
  • FileVault (vlt)
  • CRX/DE Web console
  • Query debugger
  • Template editor
  • ACS commons tools
  • Linux
  • MS Windows
  • Web server (Apache, IIS)

Exam Objectives and Scope

Section 1: Installation, Integration, and Configuration of AEM (16%)

  • Install author, publish, and dispatcher instances
  • Setup users and groups
  • Configure AEM to be integrated with Adobe Marketing Cloud and third party services
  • Setup replication agents

Section 2: Configuring, managing, and deploying AEM projects (22%)

  • Create the structure for an AEM project
  • Setup the Maven configuration for a project
  • Manage content version control
  • Create and manage AEM configuration runmode folders
  • Setup test frameworks for a project

Section 3: Workflows, Templates, and Components (20%)

  • Implement workflows, models, and launchers
  • Create templates and page components
  • Create and manage template policies
  • Create and extend components

Section 4: OSGi Components, Services, and Configuration (20%)

  • Create OSGi services, bundles, and components
  • Manage OSGi configurations
  • Given a scenario, use the OSGi Web console
  • Install OSGi bundles

Section 5: Maintaining AEM projects (22%)

  • Given a scenario, troubleshoot and debug an AEM project
  • Optimize the performance of an AEM project
  • Given a scenario, upgrade and update an AEM project
  • Configure maintenance settings
  • Migrate content

Online Sample Test

The sample test allows you to see the type and format of questions that you will encounter in the actual exam. There is no sign on needed. The results of the sample test are not stored, and do not predict your actual test results.

AD0-E105 Adobe Experience Manager Sites Lead Developer Sample Test

  • Mark your answer in each question.
  • Use the link “Send Comments for this Question” to provide specific feedback.
  • Click Next on the upper portion of the screen to save your answer and move to the next question. You may return and revise your question within the specified time.
  • On the last question, click Submit Exam to submit all your answers.
  • Complete the short survey. Click Submit.
  • Click “Take Me to My Results” to view your sample test result details.

Preparing for the Exam

You are not required to complete training before taking the exam, and training alone will not provide you with the knowledge and skills required to pass the exam. A combination of training and successful, on-the-job experience are critical to providing you with the repository needed to pass the exam.

Recommended Preparation:

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