My Heaven By Josh luchini

What happened on the day I was born

On April 14, 2000, at 2:16 pm... A legend was born. I was born in Magee Hospital in Pittsburgh. An expected boy with the name of Joshua James Luchini, but if I was a girl, it would have been Rachel Rose Luchini. It was a Friday, roughly 57 degrees outside, and the Pittsburgh Penguins beat the Carolina Hurricanes 6-4. My father wrote me a note on my birthday that I am just reading on the day I am writing this. My brother, Jamie, could not wait to come to see me, and I could not wait to see him.

Most memorable birthday

My most memorable birthday was my 16th birthday. It was full of excitement because I could now get my drivers permit. I woke up and as soon as I did my mom drove me to take my permit test. I was sweating, it was one of the most nerve-racking things I have ever done. I passed, barely. I got home and waiting for me was a brand new car. I was so excited, but I had to go to practice later that night so that was a disappointment. It was one of the best birthdays I have ever had.

What would my heaven look like?

My heaven would be full of friends and family, and most importantly, sports. If I could spend eternity with those three things, I would be the happiest man alive (or dead). There would be lots of fried foods, pop, and a house full of trampolines. I love being around my family and I want to spend more time with them. I love everyone around me and I hope to see them in heaven.

The First Person... Sean Atwater

The first person I would meet in heaven would be Sean Atwater. Sean and I were very good friends, we were always together because of soccer. I first met Sean when we played on the same YMCA soccer team. I would meet Sean at a water park because he loved water and having fun. He never had a temperance on anything that he did because he thinks that the sky is the limit. The lesson that he would teach me is love the ones that are closest to you. You never know how long you have with people, so make the most of it. When people die, you have to wait until your time on Earth is done.

The Second Person... Grant Glorioso

The second person I would meet in heaven would be Grant Glorioso. Grant was my best friend growing up, always by my side. "Love takes many forms" (Albom 155). We met at kindergarten sign-up, and saw each other almost every day since because of school and sports. We never did anything without each other. I met Grant at a soccer field because his life was full of soccer. The lesson that he would teach me would be humility, always be humble. No matter what happened on or off the field he knew that his team had his back during any situation. He had a very strong aversion to the people that doubted him and his progress. His success he knew was not all to his credit, but to those that helped him the whole way through.

The Third Person...Grandfather

The third person I would meet in heaven would be my grandfather. I really did not know him very well because he passed a couple years ago. "One day we will all be together in heaven" (Albom 111). If I know one thing about my Grandfather, it is that he will be waiting for me in Heaven. I would meet him in his house, full of his family and friends. He was a very simple man, definitely not a nonconformist, and a placid family man, who came over from Italy. From what I remember, and from the stories I hear, he was not a venerable man, but someone who was very sagacious. The lesson that he would teach me is to share what you can afford to share. Always extend a helping hand, but do not expect it back. Do not advertise your acts, do them silently and go on with your life.

The Fourth Person... Parents

The fourth person/people I would meet in heaven would be my parents. "All parents damage their children" (Albom 110). My parents have been one of the most influential people in my life. They are my role models, my family, and the holder of all my money. I would meet them on the beach with each other; nobody can separate those two, not even deaths. Although they fought a lot, they were not very melancholy, they were peaceful. The lesson that they would teach me is to be kind and act respectful to all race and religions. My parents are true believers in this, and something even as little as holding a door open for someone can make a big difference. My dad would do anything for anyone, no matter the cost, even if he did not know them.

The Fifth Person... Homeless Guy

The fifth person I would meet in Heaven would be the homeless person I met down in West Virginia. I saw him and he impeded my walking and beguiled me to give him a $5 bill. He then proceeded to buy a lottery ticket with that cash, ended up winning the money, and spent it all within a year. He was back to being homeless soon after this calamity. The Lesson he would teach me is that you should not take anything for granted. He learned from experience that anything could happen, and he experienced every up and down that life could throw at him.


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