Lost in the Amazon By Stephen KirKpatrick

About the Book

The author of this book is Stephen Kirckpaterick who had explored all over the would. The book that I read was called Lost in the Amazon. It copirite date is 2005 and it's setting, in the novel, is present day.

Write about important people (at least one) connected with your book. Give name(s) and tell who he/she is/was and why he/she is important to the book:

I am going to talk about Ashuco. He is an important person in this book becasue he is a guide. He knows everything about the Amazon and has helped the expedition it's through a very hard time. From translating to navigate, he has always been there to support the team

Name an important event (s) happening in this book (at least one) and tell why/how it happened and why it is important:

I think that the most important event that happened in this book was when Stephen was hanging on a branch in the river. This is important because he kept his composure and he let fate take its course. Eventually the team came back for him and saved his life

Write at least seven facts/information you learned from the book:

They Amazon is here me to more than one 100,000 different types of species

There are tribes that live inside the Amazon

Some plants and animals of the Amazon are still not discovered yet

You must have a guide if you travel to the Amazon

Some parts of the Amazon still have never been seen

Stephen Kirkpatrick has traveled all over the world and even been chased by a bear

The village in the Amazon have no value for money, but they will trade

RATING: On a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest possible rating, how would you rate this book and tell why:

I would rate this book a five because it had a great deal of action and I could not stop reading it

Thank You

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