Top 10 most wanted wedding flowers

The florist

10. Eryngium

10. Blue thistle, otherwise known as eryngium makes for a fantastic contrast to delicate flowers and is often used to symbolise Scottish ties.

Wonderful contrast of eryngium buttonholes and freesia buttonholes for guests.

9. Lissianthus

9. Lissianthus is the invisible Mr. reliable. Lissianthus blends beautifully with most flowers to give an overall fabulous blended feel to a brides bouquet without stealing the show.

Spot the tiny head of Lissianthus, without it the buttonhole is not complete.

8. Astilbe

8. Astilbe is available in various pinks, reds and whites and adds a wonderful natural floating texture to your bridal bouquet

Astilbe adds texture and can offers movement to a bouquet that might seem rigid otherwise.

7. Anemone

7. Anemone are a wonderful addition to any bridal bouquet, available until early summer in various white, pinks and purples.

6. David Austin roses

6. David Austin roses are a stunning specialist rose, available all year round and often used when peonies are not in season.

Top 5 most wanted wedding flowers

5. Ranunculus

5. Ranunculus are another wonderful peony style, almost rose like brides' favourite flower. Available in a wide range of colours and most available throughout spring.

Pale pink ranunculus

Ranunculus in two tones of pink blended with roses, peonies and anemone

Ranunculus blended with hyacinths roses and dill

4. Sweet Avalanche rose

4. Sweet Avalanche roses are a sensual blush rose perfect for any romantic bridal bouquet

Sweet Avalanche rose buttonholes.

3. Hydrangea

3. Hydrangea bring all other flowers together in many different colours and creating lush and opulent displays and bouquets.

Hydrangea bridesmaids posy.
Bridal bouquet with roses and gypsophelia.

2. Peony

2. Peonies are most requested but availability means not the most used. Available in a wide variety of colours, peonies are the perfect wedding flower.

Groom Peony buttonhole along side best man eucharis buttonhole.
The Florist
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