College Prep Notes Friday, April 30 2021

No School, May 6-7

Term 3 Begins Monday, May 8

CP M-STEP Testing

M-STEP testing in Social Studies and Science for 6-8 grade College Preparatory students will take place the week of May 17-21. In-person learners need to do their very best to be present each day of testing. Please ensure your devices are charged and brought to school each day. Virtual learners are not required to take the test, and can contact Ms. Holton if testing is desired.

Athletic Events

College Prep Track & Field, 5/3/21

- Sand Creek Dual

- Address: 6518 Sand Creek Hwy Sand Creek, Michigan 49279

- 4:30 pm start time

- Early Release at 2:30 pm

2021-2022 JPEC Calendar Now Available

2022 Washington, D.C. Trip

Reminder of Basic Information

Who: 8th, 9th, 10th grade students (next year)

When: Friday, June 24 2022 - Tuesday, June 28 2022

Total Cost: $722 per student

Cost to Sign-Up: $49 if you register by April 30

*Families who signed-up for the 2021 trip DO NOT need to sign-up again!*

Next Step: Sign-Up for the Trip!

Sign up using Trip ID: 182698

Three Easy Options to Sign Up:

Our Trip Website:


The website hasn't been updated yet to reflect that the trip changed to 2022, but will still work for sign-ups.

Online: worldstrides.com/register

Phone: 800-468-5899

Mail: Use the registration form provided in the attached invitation.

Please contact Mrs. Llerena for more information. heather.llerena@jacksonpec.org

Graduation - JPEC Class of 2021

We would like to invite you out to support our graduating Falcons on Friday, May 14th at 5:30 p.m. at the Cascades Band Shell. Come on out to support our graduates and wish them well!

Dress Code & Cell Phones

Please take some time to review the dress code and ensure your student is dressed appropriately for school each day. One of the biggest problems we are having is with hoodies. Hoodies are not allowed at all, except on Falcon Fridays. Please review the dress code, which is attached weekly at the bottom of this message. Thank you for your support.

Mr. Llerena and Ms. Holton visited all classrooms a few weeks ago to remind students that cell phones are not allowed in class. Period. They have become much more of an issue in the classroom setting since returning from virtual learning. Students are allowed to check their phones during transition times, and are able to use them at lunch. Teachers will remind students who have their phones out during class to put them away, and then will take them if they are seen again. At that point, phones will be turned-in to the office and students can pick them up at the end of the day.

Please Bring Water Bottles Daily

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, our water fountain is shut off for drinking. However, we installed a water bottle filling station at the fountain last fall, which is operational at all time. Please be sure to send a water bottle daily so your student can stay hydrated.

CP Robotics Saturdays

CP Robotics Saturdays are postponed due to virtual learning. Mr. Pratt and Doc B. will announce when Saturdays will resume upon JPEC's return to in-person learning.

A Note Regarding Virtual Learning

JPEC is pleased that we have been able to offer outstanding, uninterrupted virtual learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are sensitive to the health and safety needs within each family, and understand the need for some students to remain fully virtual until the threat has passed and vaccinations are widely available.

However, we strongly feel that it is vitally important for students to return face-to-face, as soon as your family feels it is safe to do so. Our virtual option is in place for situations pertaining to COVID-19 ONLY. Please continue to base your decision to remain virtual or to return in person based solely on your families comfort level pertaining to COVID-19.

Students who have returned in-person need to be in school daily, unless there is parental communication with the office about their absence (517) 760-5732. If a student is absent due to illness or an appointment, we strongly encourage them to participate virtually for the day if they are able. However, students should not feel as if there is an option to attend in-person or virtual on a regular basis, as happened frequently prior to our holiday break. If necessary, the school will communicate with individual families to encourage consistent, in-person learning, and we reserve the option to transition students to the fully virtual learning mode. This change would remain in effect until the end of the term.

Struggling with Meals? Local Program Can Help!

Many in the pandemic have been financially impacted and have experienced food shortages. If your family is in that situation, please be sure to look into and take advantage of this wonderful program offered by Consumers Energy, the Jackson Community Foundation, the Dram Maker Fund, the Enterprise Group Community Ventures Corporation and other sponsors.

Headphones & Earbuds

Please get in the routine of having students bring their headphones or earbuds to school. Sometimes our teachers have to stay home but are able to still teach virtually. In those situations we have all the students join the Zoom call, even from the classroom. If students have headphones with them, it allows them to join without audio distractions from other students/devices.

Attendance - IMPORTANT!!

If your student will be absent from virtual classes (EVEN DURING VIRTUAL LEARNING), please contact Moe or Heather in the front office to let them know. Attendance is being taken, as usual, and we need to be able to account for students learning, even at home. THIS COMMUNICATION NEEDS TO COME FROM A PARENT OR GUARDIAN. While we appreciate and encourage students to keep their teachers notified, students cannot report themselves as absent. (517) 760-JPEC.



Additionally, please discuss the importance of continued participation in on-line learning. While we realize it may be difficult to monitor students learning from home, especially for families who have both parents working outside the home, it is vitally important to student success to continue to engage and participate fully in virtual learning.

Emotional Support & Wellness Resources

Please know that we understand what a difficult time students and families are facing right now. The lack of socialization, in-person safety precautions, distance learning, and overall life changes are real, substantial and challenging. We want you to know that we are here to help. Students can reach out to privately to their Focus Group teachers, who will refer them to Mrs. Yonnick, our school counselor, or they can reach out to her directly. Her email address is jessica.yonnick@jacksonpec.org. She has just launched her new Online Counseling Office, which is listed in the link below. Please check it out and know that we are ready, willing and able to help!

Reporting Bullying or Other Issues

JPEC students or families who experience bullying or other type of reportable incident are encouraged to report it immediately. We take these situations very seriously and want everyone to feel completely safe and supported at school. There are various ways to report, and students can remain anonymous if they choose.

Students and parents can visit www.jacksonpec.org and click on "Bullying/Incident Report." This can be filled out and submitted anonymously, or a contact can be included. Please know that every report is fully investigated. If the student submitting the report supplies their name, they will be contacted to provide context and clarification. If submitted anonymously, the incident will be investigated, but we will not be able to follow up to provide information or to ensure follow up.

Students can also report directly to our Dean of Students, Mr. Serafin Llerena at serafin.llerena@jacksonpec.org, or to our Counselor, Mrs. Jessica Yonnick at jessica.yonnick@jacksonpec.org.

If students feel most comfortable with their Focus Group teachers, they should reach out to them first. The information will be passed on to Mr. Llerena to investigate.

Jackson College Health Screening Website

Jackson College requires everyone entering campus to visit the website below to complete the COVID-19 Health Screening prior to clearing the checkpoint. The website link is included here.

Please be sure to visit the website and complete the screening daily before coming to campus.


If there are issues with your device, please complete the device repair request form that can be found on our website or click the link below. Someone from the Tech Team will be in contact within 24 hours by email or phone. If the device needs to be replaced, they will arrange a time for a swap on campus at the JW building.

Here are some simple fixes for problems with Zoom or problems with other programs:

Close the program and reboot the device, if the problem persists - complete the device repair request form

Blocked website - send a note to your instructor so they can request it be unblocked, once you've received confirmation from your instructor that it's been unblocked, reboot your device

Reminder About Wednesdays

As a reminder, no class instruction will take place on Wednesdays. All teachers will be available during the virtual office hours listed below.

▪ 9:00am-11:00am | Math / Science / Music / Special Education

▪ 10:00am-12:00pm | English / Social Studies / Art / Phys. Ed. & Health

▪ 12:30pm-2:30pm | Math / Science / Music / Special Education

▪ 2:00pm-4:00pm | English / Social Studies / Art / Phys. Ed. & Health

Contact Information Updates

Is your family moving? Do you have a new phone number or email address? Is someone else going to be picking your child up from school? These are common changes that occur, but we often forget to keep the school updated when they do! Please take a moment to verify your contact information in PowerSchool, and let Ms. Moe in the office know if anything needs to be updated. We'd be happy to help! (517) 760-JPEC or maureen.fernandez@jacksonpec.org

Dress Code for 2020-2021

The College Prep Dress Code will still be in effect for the 2020-2021 academic year. Please refer to the link below. Thank you.


JPEC's College Preparatory Building, the Education Innovation Center

Ms. Debra A. Holton, CP Principal

debra.holton@jacksonpec.org, (517) 760-JPEC

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