Pole To Pole Year 1 Autumn 1


Our new topic is 'Pole to Pole'

As part of our continued focus on mental health and wellbeing, the children will be learning about resillience. At the start of each week, the children are going to identify actions and targets that will help them to build their own resillience in and out of school.

Daily reflection time will allow the children to discuss their successes and challenges related to their resillience target. This will support the children to adopt a 'can do' attitude and develop the perseverance needed to be happy, successful learners. This will under pin all other aspects of the curriculum.

Maths, English and phonics lessons will continue to address gaps in learning. Over the next few weeks, other curriculum subjects will be gradually introduced to allow the children to practise their resillience targets.

How We Keep Ourselves Safe In School

Important information

The Year 1 school day starts at 8.50am and ends at 2.50pm. Every child will be met by their class teacher in the morning. Every child will wash their hands on arrival and have their temperature taken before starting work.

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The Healthy Me


We will play, learn and adapt chasing games

We will say how are bodies are amazing and identify ways to keep themsafe and healthy.


We will express why we appreciate the people who are special to us and how we feel about them.

The Independent Me


We will use phonic skills and knowledge to decode for reading and enjoy reading for pleasure.

Listen and respond to stories, films and poems.

Find important information in texts.

Predict what might happen based on what we read and write a story based on the structure of Lost and Found.

As a writer we will re-write a story using phrases and sentences structured with finger spaces, capital letters and full stops.

The Inquisitive Me

Science and Geography

We will investigate ways in which animals around the world are suited to their environment.


We will use Purple Mash to develop an understanding of the importance of staying safe online.


We will:

sort objects, count and represent objects.

Count, read and write forwards and backwards from any number from 0 to 10.

Count one more and one less.

Start to compare using language such as, equal, more/greater/less than and fewer.

Be introduced to the symbols < , > and = symbols, compare numbers and order groups.

Home Learning

What if you need to do your learning at home?

Follow the link below to access the White Rose Maths Year 1 Home Learning.

Access Purple Mash at home on a device using my log in and complete tasks set by your teacher.

Access Mathletics at home on a device using your log in and complete the tasks set by your teacher

Look out for stories and tips and hints with reading, spelling, writing and maths on Twitter


This Is Me:

We will reflect on the academy Christian values, consider each other's ideas and opinions, share responsibilities and respect other people's views.

Express how it feels to succeed and celebrate these new challenges and store them away to be treasured!


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