Canoe Justin Miller

While I was driving the massimo down the gas line I passed the dock that was on a neighbor's property. The dock owner was 89 years old and her husband had died a few weeks ago from dementia, there were a group of 4 people that were vandalizing and ruining her dock and property, they have been doing this for about 2 months now and it was unfair to her to have to deal with this right after her husband died. The group of people would also leave dead fish all over the shore and empty beer bottles everywhere . The neighbor had complained to the police many times about a group of people vandalizing the dock. One day while I was out for a ride in the massimo I passed by the remaining parts of the dock, I pulled over to look and see if they had been back, I noticed a canoe locked up on the old woman's property. I knew it was not their canoe because it looked just like the one that was stolen from another neighbor's back yard a few weeks earlier. The family who it was stolen from lives a few houses before the dock and up a hill a little bit so they could not see the dock or their canoe.

For the next few weeks, I drove past that spot everyday to see if anything changed. It was obvious that they had been down there however we did not know when they were going to be there. Then we noticed a white Chevy had been parking on my uncle's property every night at around 9 and did not leave until at least 11. On the weekends they would show up mid day. I got suspicious of this car so I decided to followed them down the gas line. And just as I had suspected, they went right to the dock. At that point I was certain who they were so I left before they noticed me. The next time they parked there, my uncle took the plates off of their car, folded them in half and threw them away, hoping that they wouldn't come back. But they did, however parked somewhere else. Now we did not know where they were coming from. We tried calling the police but they could not do much. So we decided that we needed to do something ourselves to stop them. So we tried to cut the heavy and thick chain that was wrapped tightly around a tree holding the canoe, however that failed as the chain would not break. We also tried to set up trail cameras to get them on video or photos of them, but that too failed. One day I got lucky, as I was passing by in the massimo I noticed the canoe was not there and I went over to look. And I could see them out on the water fishing, however they had left the chain unlocked and thrown on the bank of the lake. So I decided to take the chain with me, so I threw it into the bed of the Massimo and drove back down the gas line to my uncles and told him what I found. We waited a little for them to come in from the fishing and then we took the pickup down the gas line to get the canoe, which they were forced to leave unchained because I had taken the chain. After this I had hoped that they had learned their lesson and would not come back Now. However later that day, as I was driving down my road with their chain still in the bed of the massimo, I saw their white chevy driving towards us. The driver of the car slammed on his brakes. He must have noticed their chain in the bed of the utv because he motioned for me to pull over. However I just waved at them and sped away into the woods, where his car could not go. We then returned the canoe to the people who they had stole it from and we kept the chain. I still drove by the dock to check if they had been back everyday for about a month. I didn't look like they had. It has been about 4 months since this happened and they have not been back yet. From this I learned that sometimes if you want something solved, you have to be persistent and do it yourself.

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