Reason ! : Human trafficking should be stopped because there's people that are getting treated like slaves and the people treating them that way should be placed in jail so they wont do it again.

Reason 2: Human trafficking should be stopped because there's girl that have to be forced to have sex with people that they have never met before and they could catch a bad disease.

Reason 3:Human trafficking needs to be stopped because there's people parents that love their kids and looking for them and have no idea where their kids are so if someone find the kids they should report it. The parents don't want there kids to be going through their stuff at so young.

One thing we can do to stop human trafficking is to try and influence the trafficker to not do that to people because its not cool to do that.

Another thing we can do is if we see them doing that we can report them to police so the police can get the victims and return them to their homes.

Something else we could do is try to get everyone attention so everyone can try to stop human trafficking , because no one wants to be stuck somewhere they don't want to be. The victims should be able to be with their family.


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