A Life With 4 Brothers by: Maricruz Rodriguez

A life with 4 brothers isn't as bad as it seems. It's an adventure waiting to happen. Everyday is a new challenge and new experience.

Cruz Rodriguez riding on a Carousel
“Even though you are growing up you should never stop having fun” - Nina Dobrev
Cruz making a silly face

Cruz never fails to make one us smile. When he sees that we are sad or in a bad mood he pulls silly faces to make us laugh and happy. As the youngest of the family his cuteness never fails to brighten our day.

Francisco Rodríguez or known as Pancho is holding a rooster while visiting Mexico

When around animals Francisco is in his own little world. He cares and loves animals so much. No matter what animal he is surrounded by he treats them with love and adoration.

Francisco shooting a basketball

This year Francisco started playing basketball. He pushes himself everyday to win his games and practice hard. Although sometimes he works himself a little too much to be the best he knows to take some breaks and just have fun.

Francisco after making his first shot, a 3 pointer

Since joining the basketball team at school all he wanted was to make at least one shot. In his most recent game he was determined to make his first shot. When one second as left on the clock we threw the ball and made it right in making a 3 pointer.

Miguel Rodriguez buried inside sand during a stroll through the park

When first meeting Miguel he seems like the quiet one of the family. Once getting to know him he is a happy spirit. He likes to take on challenges and live life to the fullest not letting anything stop him.

Miguel enjoying a nice car ride
“Some days nothing beats a really good car ride” - unknown
Jorge Rodriguez after a basketball game

Jorge also started his first year of basketball. He is always proud of himself after every game even if they lose. He pushes himself everyday to play well although sometimes he isn’t given the time to show that.

“Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work” - Unknown
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