The French Revolution The begining of the Revolution

The French Revolution all started when the towns people heard that the company owner was going to cut their pays in half. They were outraged, so before even waiting to see if the information was true, they started a riot, went to the boss Reveillons house and burned/broke anything valuable. The French government sent troops to Paris for to stop the riots, so the people of France stormed the Bastille to get weapons to defend themselves from the troops.

Nepoleon Bonaparte

Neploeon was a French political and military leader. He became known after the French Revolution. During the revolution, as a officer he was given a chance to take the captains place after he was severely wounded, and came up with a genius battle strategy that consisted of France surrounding the Port with 80 cannons so they could retake it. He succeeded within 48hours and that's how nepoleons genious military strategies got him promoted and noticed.

In my opinion Nepoleon was very heroic. He won many battles against the Australian and Italian armies, which kept France's boarders secure and also won them a lot of territory. He extended dynamic possessions, he created satellite states.

Although he did very well, and brought France power he killed many people and started many unnecessary wars to keep up his power hunger, for example when he wanted to disrupt the good trade between India and Great Britain, he defeated the army and then started to control much of Eygypt, which in the end turned to the British trapping France and destroying the French fleet.

How other countries reacted

The French Revolution caused so many problems in other countries. For example in Haiti, their independence movements and the new declaration the Rights to Man and Citizen, all the slaves were free. But since Saint Domingue was still a French colony Nepoleon had the power to reinstate slavery to finance his war costs. A couple years later in the end Haiti won their independence from France, which also inspired people from the South Colonies to fight for their freedom which they ended up achieving, but non of those movements would've happened if it wasn't for the French Revolution.

The revolutioin Italy, they wanted to overthrow their king because they saw that France overthrow end theirs. It highly effected America also. It caused foreign policy issues, And the wars put America in the middle, between pro France and pro Britian, so that caused an almost war with the French and the war with the British in 1812.

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