Birth control implant Thamery & Pamela

A female uses the birth control implant.

Progestin thickens the mucus on your cervix, which tops sperms from swimming though your egg . Also it can cause ovulation.

A female can it put in her arm . It is a thing , thing rod about the size of a meter stick . A doctor inserts it under the skin of your upper arm .

For this type of birth control you need a prescription, the prescription is called nexplanon .

The implant does not protect you from getting STI .

The implant doses anywhere between 0 to 800 dollars. The removal cost is between 0-300 the one only lasts up to 4 years .

The implant is 99 percent affective .

The implant is more affordable than female sterilization. It's 14% more affective than a female condom.

Benefits: makes your period better, you can get pregnant after removing it, you also can use it if your breastfeeding

Disadvantages: it does not protect against sexual transmitted infections (STI), you get breast pain, and you gain weight

You get it removed after it expires, also you can get it out anytime before if you want. You may also stop using it.


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